First Afternoon at Home

Here are some pictures from our first day home with our families. I have never been so tired in all my life, but it was so much fun being with our parents and my cousin Jessica. Our plane got in at 3pm so we had the rest of the evening to be together. Jon's mom and my mom made dinner for everyone and Mekonen was conked out for the first couple of hours home. My mom was such a big help. She got all our luggage out right away and started in on the mounds and mounds of laundry. It felt sooooo good to take a shower seeing as though I didn't have one in days due to the power being out in Ethiopia. I was so tired I was getting dizzy and thought I would fall over. What an exciting time for our new little family.

Here is Mekonen looking very excited over his welcome home cake that his auntie Jess made for him.

Mekonen taking a little snooze with Grandma after a looooong trip home.

So tired he can't even pick up his little head.

Mekonen woke up for some dinner! Squash and sweet potatoes! His first food besides the bananas and avocados in Ethiopia.
Mekonen and Grandpa Jack

Mekonen had a little nap and wanted daddy to play. Clearly daddy was a little tired.

Daddy introducing Macy and Mekonen.

Mekonen getting a feel for this big furry thing that lives in his house.

Friends: sharing toys.

Playing and laughing with mommy.

All the doting grandparents after an exhausting evening. Time for bed!

You know Jess and I had to dress Mekonen up in all his hats before we put him to bed.

He was a little cranky over this idea.

And really mad at this idea.

Poor little guy. In about 1 minute he was out cold.

First time sleeping in his bed. What a cute little baby.

Me, Mekonen, and Jess the next day before she went home.