The Cousins Meet Mekonen

5 days after we returned from Ethiopia, my cousin Art got married. We were so excited that Mekonen was home for the big event and would get to meet his cousins and extended family. Jon and my sister's husbands were all in the wedding so we all went to Ohio for the weekend.

Growing up, and still today, we are the closest with these cousins (Art, Jess, and Jenny). We spent pretty much every holiday and birthday together growing up, and watched each other venture out into all that God has for each of us. These cousins love our kids as if they were their own and that is so special to us. They all call them Uncle Art, Auntie Jess, and Auntie Jenny.

Here's Manny and Mekonen. The only two boys on my side. Manny could not contain his excitement over finally meeting Mekonen. He had been waiting for him for so long. Everytime I saw him over the last year he asked where Mekonen was. Manny was born in Guatemala and during our adoption process he asked if he and Mekonen came from the same birth mommy. So sweet. When Manny walked into the hotel room and saw Mekonen he ran over and put his arm next to Mekonen and started yelling, "We match!!! We match!!!" He was so excited to have a cousin with skin the same color as his. All weekend, he would go up to Mekonen and pull his pant leg up or the sleeve of his arm and stand their in awe comparing their skin. Another time he ran in a circle yelling, "We have the same skin!" Manny wanted to kiss Mekonen every five seconds. It was so sweet. So here's a picture of my two best boys.
All the cousins on the Castro side! From the left: Natalie, Mekonen, Manny, Aderyn, and Jane. Finally, all together!
The hotel had a pool and of course the kids spent every possible minute in it. Manny would jump into the pool, get out, and run over to Mekonen and give him big wet kisses. Then jump back in the pool and repeat. Haha. This is such a sweet picture of Manny, but obviously Mekonen wasn't quite as cooperative.
Mommy took Mekonen in the water. Clearly, it was too cold for me. Mekonen wasn't too sure he liked it.
Daddy got him to smile though.
Ready for the wedding! Mekonen was sporting pin striped pants (orange, blue, and white) with an orange vest and button down. The vest made him look HUGE! haha. What a little pumpkin.
How the photographer wanted our picture: the new parents. Mom-Dad. Haha.
It was a night wedding so Mekonen was conked out most of the evening. We didn't want to miss out on the dancing, so Mekonen just joined right in. He loved it. :) Uncle Art (the groom) with two of his girls: Aderyn & Natalie Auntie Jenny running behind Jane, making sure she didn't get run over on the dance floor. Mekonen's demeanor most of the night.
The three best boys in my life.
The last morning before we all left we tried getting pictures of all the cousins together. This was a hilarious endeavor. From the left: Natalie, Aderyn (who insisted she get to hold Mekonen for the picture), Mekonen, Manny, and Jane.
Grandma and Grandpa Jack with all their grandkids!
It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone. It's so special seeing all the kids together. We look forward to the holiday season and spending lots more time with each other.

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Donovan and Julie said...

Yeah for cousins--especially "matching" ones! Gotta love Manny's enthusiasm!