Trick or Treat!

I remember last year at this time reading everyone's blogs and thinking, "Next year, he'll be home and that will be us!" Yipppeee. So here it is! Mekonen's first halloween trick or treating!

And what an eventful trick or treating night we had! We took Mekonen to a friend's house, then to grandma's and were off to some more friends before church when we got into a minor car accident. We were at a red light and a guy came barreling into us from the back. We are all perfectly fine. Mekonen was just totally freaked out and crying of course. And get this... the guy hit us because he was brushing his hair and not looking at the light. Then he had the nerve to be aggrivated at Jon when he called the police and said, "My kids dinner is in the car." And Jon was so ticked and wanted to say, "Well yeah, my kid was IN the car you just rammed into." What a night. We never made it to our friends and made it to church just in time.

We had friends give us three different Halloween costumes for Mekonen to borrow. Of course we (okay, actually just me) made Mekonen try on all of them and took his pictures. He was so stinkin' cute and I would laugh so hard everytime I put a costume on him. He was confused as to why I was laughing and then just joined in with his adorable belly laugh, which only made me laugh harder. It was a riot!

Here's our little man as an elephant! Haha.

A lion!!! This one just killed me. It was a little big, but so funny.
Our little lion from the top view. Macy did not like this outfit and kept going after the tail.
The winner: the cow!! Mekonen said he liked this one the most and wanted to wear it trick or treating. :) Hehe.

Macy was not too sure what she thought about this.
At our friends the Johnson's on the big fake cow in front of their barn. :)

Big Cow and Little Cow (and Mommy making sure Little Cow doesn't fall off). Mekonen clearly knows exactly what is going on.
"Trick or Treat Grandma Magz!!!"
Mekonen and Grandma Magz.
Grandma got Mekonen a special trick or treat bag since he can't eat candy yet. So sweet of her!
Inside was one of his favorite treats: teething cookies!!!! He also got new socks and some stacking blocks. Thanks Grandma!

And because we missed the sweetness of these four faces this Halloween, I wanted to post pics of my wonderful nephew and nieces in their costumes. So cute!

Natalie as Tigger and Jane as Pooh Bear!
Jane going down the hall at Grandma Missy's work to trick or treat. She looks very determined.
Natalie at Grandma Missy's work. She knows exactly how this trick or treating thing goes. :)

Little Miss Aderyn as a ladybug. So cute.
The other man who has a piece of my heart: MannyB as a transformer.
The two mini's together: Manny & Aderyn.

So Mekonen's first Halloween was fun, although we didn't do much trick or treating. The few pieces of candy we got at our first friends house were eaten by daddy before we reached the end of their driveway! haha. Poor Mekonen. Next year he can have the candy! :)


aboulet said...

Oh man. I just about busted my gut when I saw the Lion photo. That's awesome.

jessboulet said...

Ok Aderyn and Manny's Halloween pics KILL me. I lost it when Amy sent them. They are the cutest 5 kids EVER!