1st Birthday in Indy!

Here are 2 posts in a row on my baby's 1st birthday, December 28th!!! I still cannot believe Mekonen is already one year old! In some ways, I get so sad thinking he is already one. It makes me think of how he's only been home for a short amount of time, and there was so much time before that when we didn't have him with us. So much we missed out on. But I am thankful that we won't ever miss a birthday and that we got to spend his 1st birthday together as a family!

Mekonen had two birthdays!!! One in PA before Christmas with his Grandma and Grandpa Jack, his 4 cousins, Auntie Beka and Uncle Tom, my two best friends Rachel and Georgia, and our friend Demetrius. Then he had another party in Indiana with Jon's family after Christmas. Mekonen is caked out! :)

Mekonen's birthday celebration at Grandma Magz and Grandpa Doug's house.

Mekonen opening his gift from Mommy & Daddy. PUZZLES!!! I was so excited to find him some chunky puzzles. We have had a lot of fun with them already!
Mekonen's favorite: chewing on the wrapping paper.
Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa!
Mommy made lots of yummy treats! (oops, I only cooked one "y" so one is missing in "birthday." haha).
Chocolate cupcakes with number 1 cookies and star cookies on top!
1st Birthday place setting for our little man!

Mekonen's special birthday spot at Grandma's!
MMmmm.....tastes sooooo good!!
Happy Birthday Mekonen! People tell us all the time how blessed you are to be in our family. But they have it all backwards. We are the blessed ones! You are an incredible joy in our life. We love you more than you can ever imagine!


Daniel and Danielle said...

the cookies and cupcakes are so cute!!

Amber said...

yay... happy birthday Mekonen!!!! Your cookies and cupcakes are too cute... and Mekonen is even cuter.

Katie & Tim said...

very cute! i like the cookies.