1st Birthday in PA!

Mekonen at his party in PA at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Mekonen looooooved the balloons. Daddy tied this one to his retro radio flyer rocket. He was so excited!
Mekonen didn't really nap on his party day and was very tired by the time we did his cake. He looks a little stunned and confused! But I don't blame him. It was quite chaotic!

Mekonen and his buddy Manny.
Sweet Miss Natalie, waiting oh so patiently, with much excitement, for a piece of cake! Auntie Beka brought over Mario brother cake plates! Haha.
Aderyn chowin' on pizza before the cake comes!
Rachel and Jane. Jane looks just as tired and confused as Mekonen! haha.
Georgia enjoying some cake.
Mommy, Daddy & Mekonen!!! (Mekonen, utterly confused about why he is wearing this ridiculous hat).
Here comes Grandma with the cake Mommy made. (I'm not very creative on this one).
First look and singing Happy Birthday!!!
I am clearly over excited singing and Mekonen looks terrified. Hahaha.
First touch of frosted goodness!
Mmmm.....first taste!!
Looks like he LOOOVED it.
Don't you want a big smooch?
Aderyn laughed and laughed at this, and kept yelling, "He has a beard!!!!" It was a riot! Somehow Mekonen even had cake all over the bottom of his shoes.
Opening birthday presents! Thanks for all the cute clothes Grandma!

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Daniel and Danielle said...

that radio flyer is so cute!!!!