Chicago Visit!

Mekonen and I hit the road on his birthday and went to Chicago to visit my two cousins Jess and Jenny for a few days. It was a lot of fun!! I really liked the city. Jess lives just minutes away from downtown where she works.

The first night we hit a Chicago style pizza place. It was yummy! I cannot believe how cold it was these few days there. Here's Mekonen all bundled up in his carseat. Doesn't he look thrilled? Mekonen hammin' it up at the restaurant. We gave him a lemon because we wanted to see a funny reaction. But none. Nothing. He ate the entire thing!! A waiter who was watching us the whole time we were there said he didn't know what was more entertaining, the baby, or the three of us. Then he joined the fun and brought us a lime. We totally got the face we were looking for with that one. Poor Mekonen!
Auntie Jenny, Mekonen, and Auntie Jess.
All four of us!
The next day we got on the El train and went downtown for the day. It was FREEEEEEZING!!! Mekonen looked like a glow-worm!
Stopping for lunch at Chipotle. Yes, we were in Chi-town and ate at Chipotle. But we loved it.
Jenny looking like a movie star out with her babe. I was so hoping to catch a glimpse of Oprah. Jess and I want to stalk to her.
Me, Mekonen, and Jenny at "The Bean," some tourist thing downtown. It was so cold that we walked up, took a picture, and walked the few blocks back to Macy's to find Jess. (Mekonen looks completely uninterested.Haha). BBrrrr....
After a long day downtown in the cold, Mekonen was exhausted. Auntie Jess was sympathizing with him.
Auntie Jenny and Mekonen
Auntie Jess & Mekonen
I can't believe I have a baby. I can't believe Jess and I are "all grown up." She's always there for me. Every big life event, there she is, standing by my side. I am so proud of her and I love her to pieces. Thanks Jess!


Katie & Tim said...

Jess is the best! I'm not surprised you went to Chipotle. We eat there basically every time she comes over. She once told me that normally she eats there about 2 times a week...they should give her a discount. did you go without Jon?

Amber said...

Looks like you had fun despite the freezing temperatures ;) You are so lucky to have such a great support system. What awesome cousins.

jessboulet said...

awwww Love you too Rach! I'm so glad I got to see you TWICE in like 2 weeks! I also can't believe one of us has a kid, haha. It doesn't seem like that should be allowed :). Just promise me you won't ever cut his hair, try to pierce him, or use make-up all over his face. None of those things ended well for either of us :)

And I LOVE Chipotle! Katie I SOMETIMES get discounts cause at different chipotle's certain guys who work there have crushes on me and give me free stuff. haha :)