Indy Children's Museum!

(Well, I figured out the picture thing, but am not able to get the cursor to go between the pictures to put captions. Anyone? Help? This is so frustrating. Old blogger was way better). 

A couple weeks ago I went with my friends Kelly and Joy and their kids to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. It was so much fun! Mekonen had a blast!

Mekonen LOVES to climb! He loves to go under and over everything, so we knew he would LOVE the little toddler section at the museum. It was basically a mini obstacle course with things to climb on, under, and go around. It was so fun!! Take a look!



Katie & Tim said...

LOVING the new blog name picture!!!
Honestly, I'm so jealous! I wish I were tech savvy like that! Very cool.

Amy said...

Rachael he's getting so big! So adorable. ((HUGS))

doddyj said...

Yep, have to ask how in the world you did your new blog name picture?

About the new blogger...I always upload all of my pics first, then have to align each one (centered, or otherwise), and then I have to just use my arrow pad to scroll up and down and write text in between the pics...

Hope that helps...and doesn't confuse you more!