Mekonen in Kindergarten- a few years too early!

We are here in PA for another visit with my family! Woo-hoo!! I split up the 11 hour drive by stopping half-way to visit my amazing college roommate Courtney. It was the first time she met Mekonen!
Courtney is such a dear friend. We had such an incredible time living together during college. Our senior year was particularly the best!! We shared an apartment with our friend Paula and Courtney and I shared a bedroom. Our lives were intertwined in so many like ways: we lived in the same room, did our 14 week student teaching across the hall from each other, we both were in college sports at the time, and both planning our weddings at the same time (and getting married a month apart). On top of that, we just had so much fun together. We were those loud, fun, "spirited" students in class and had many of those professors who hated us and loved us all at the same time! :) Let's just say, we added some much needed spice to our college classes. 

Courtney and I share a love of teaching! Mekonen and I went to visit her kindergarten classroom for the morning. I loved the diversity at this private school as half of her classroom were African Americans. What fun! Mekonen found himself a seat and got right to work. hehe.

Here he is staring at Jamir who was making silly faces.

The kids could not get enough of him and thought it was hilarious that he was sitting at their table.

Courtney teaching Mekonen the facts about insects!! Aww...

Mekonen helped himself to someone's pencil box. Oops!

Mekonen having some blanket time while the kids finished their morning paper (although they were still quite preoccupied with their newest class member). (Yeah for blanket training! He sat there for 45 minutes!)

Mekonen eating some Cheerios in the read-a-loud chair.

A Few Favorite Memories with Courtney
  • Second semester senior year, I came back to school engaged to Jon. He was living in Indianapolis while I was two hours away in Ohio for school. Courtney spent all our college years away from Andy her fiance who lived 3 hours away, so she was a little more used to the distance thing. Jon dropped me off and I turned around to Courtney and just cried and cried. She yelled out to Jon not to worry, that she would take care of me. 
  • Courtney usually attempted to fall asleep at a decent hour every night. However, I had major sleep issues and could never fall asleep or stay asleep. Courtney would get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I could see her tip-toeing across the room so as not to wake me. Then I always busted out with, "It's okay. I'm still awake." We would just laugh and laugh.
  • Sometimes when she went to bed early, I would stand up on mine, and jump in the air over to hers and pretty much just torment her b/c she wanted to go to bed.
  • My cell phone only worked up against the window that lined her bed. So Courtney would be fast asleep and I would be sitting in her bed too, talking on the phone with Jon with my head pressed against the window. Haha. 
  • I just realized that I could post TONS more memories and wonderful things about my dear friend, but this post would be VERY long So, just know that she is the best! :) 


The Frederick Nesters said...

what is blanket training, and HOW did you get him to sit there for 45 minutes? i'm intrigued.

Courtney said...


You have only been gone half a day and my heart already misses you and your sweet boy. I keep thinking about the "Blue's Clue Hug"... a memory I will always cherish! Knowing July is too far away, I sat down to finally read the post about coming to school and check for any new pictures :) I am still wiping the tears amidst the huge smiles. What wonderful memories...what a good friend!!! I can't wait to read what comes next. Not only do you have the gift of an amazing family, you also have the gift of expressing yourself that draws others in and touches their hearts!