PA Pictures Galore!

Fun in PA!
Mekonen and I had so much fun visiting family and friends in PA for a week and a half (although we missed Daddy a lot!) Mekonen got to meet new family and friends and hang out with old ones!

Grandma reading her favorite book "Mrs. Brown Went to Town" to Mekonen, Jane, and Natalie.
Mekonen and Jane found the best spot in the house. A seat with Grandpa Jack and a bag of Cheez-its!
Mekonen met Great Grandma Judy for the first time! She has loved praying for Mekonen and following our adoption process, and of course, now our family! :) I'm so glad she came down from Maine to visit when we were there. Isn't she adorable? You know how small I am, so now you now how small my Gram is! :)
Great Grandma Judy and 3 of her great grandbabies: Mekonen, Jane, and Natalie. (Sorry this is a fuzzy picture. You have no idea what it took to get this picture. About 15 out takes and LOTS of M&M's. This is as good as it was gonna get).
Mekonen meets Uncle Aaron!!! Woo-hoo!!! Clearly, Mekonen is DONE with this picture session. I am so glad my brother could come up to my parents to see us! What a blessing.
Visiting Grandma at her work. Mekonen showed up in his red sunglasses (which he kept on pretty much the whole time) and actually went around shaking people's hands. It was hilarious!
Mekonen LOVES his cousin Natalie. Whenever she came in the door, he would go over and give her a big hug. It was so adorable. She loved to play with him! Such sweetness. :)
Jane, upside down sunglasses, chillin' on the swing. I can't stop laughing at how funny this was. She was literally just swinging there, like that.
Mekonen saw it, thought it was cool, and wanted to try for himself. But he only got one arm up.
Natalie being cute.
Mekonen hanging with my two best friends: Georgia and Rach!
Me, Mekonen, Rachel & Georgia at Rachel's baby shower for her little boy due in July! And yes, Georgia and I are HOT. We totally wore the same outfit. Not planned. We are amazing and cute.
Mekonen and his friends Caroline, Abby, and Katherine! Loved spending time with this great family! Is it possible I had Caroline in 2nd grade and Abby in 1st and they are now both taller than me? That doesn't seem right! Is this when I say I feel old? Or maybe just short!
My awesome college roommate Courtney who we got to see on the way to PA and on the way back!
The leaves look like a heart! Hehe.
This is by far, my FAVORITE picture. We are literally losing it because Courtney had just asked Mekonen for a kiss. She puckered up and he put his whole mouth around her lips and bit them, both top and bottom at the same time. I almost fell off the bench.

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