6 Months!!

Another month in the pregnancy has flown by! Wow. Crazy. It feels like I have a long way to go, but I'm sure once Christmas is over it will fly by!
24 Weeks- 6 Months!

A few little tidbits from the last several weeks. 

  • Mekonen "knows" (obviously doesn't understand though) that there's a baby in Mommy's belly. Whenever someone mentions the baby in my belly he will come over to my stomach and grab it and say repeatedly, "open, open." 
  • I felt the baby move for the first time on November 3rd (19 1/2 weeks).
  • Jon could feel the baby move for the time on November 15th (21 weeks). 
  • No strange cravings this month. Wanting to eat a lot, but can't fit very much in there. It feels like my stomach will bust open when I eat a meal (I already can't fit my normal size meal in there it seems). 
  • We can see the baby moving from the outside. That is crazy! Looks like an alien is hanging out in there (22-23 weeks). 
  • I gained less than a pound between my last 4 week appointment. But don't worry, I think Thanksgiving more than made up for it! 
  • Most people can now tell I am sportin' a baby belly. 
  • I still feel like it's a boy, but then when I open the baby name books I instinctively go to the girl name section. ;) 
Me in my "hot" maternity jeans. Haha. 


Emily B. said...

so exciting. and btw-I totally want a pair of maternity jeans... they'd be perfect for the holidays! (tee hee!) congrats!

Hannatu said...

I'm guess boy. I had a friend who could "predict" the baby's gender by how you carried it (high or low) and she was always right. So I'm going with boy on this one.

Julie said...

I agree with Emily...jeans with a nice, wide, elastic waist for the holidays would be puuuuurfect. Can't wait to rub that bump!