Christmas Fun!

It's been so much fun enjoying this Christmas season with Mekonen. Last year he was completely clueless! This year, he is clueless, but not as much. He is getting more and more of it, which is fun! Here's what we've been up to at the Oren house!

Decorating the Christmas tree! And yes, it's a fake one this year, borrowed from some awesome friends. First time in my life ever to have a fake tree! I wouldn't say I'm "happy" about it, but it is definitely much less work. Indiana tree farms are horrible and expensive. Mekonen looks very concerned putting that gingerbread man on the tree.  

Daddy and Meko hanging ornaments. Mekonen called them "ormets"

Awww...Meko's chubby hand print from last year.

The finished product! 

Mekonen's advent calendar. When you open the little door each day you get a piece of chocolate. Mekonen goes up to this calendar multiple times a day pointing and saying, "Cookie!" (Everything sweet these days is a cookie). Sorry buddy, only door gets opened a day!

Here's a tradition we started with Mekonen this year. Starting Thanksgiving night we read a Christmas story before nap and bedtime instead of a regular storybook. He loves it. Every time we get a book he says, "Baby Jesus" and "Missmas!" When he gets a little older, I will write out all the titles on separate pieces of paper and put them in a little jar. Then whatever Christmas story he picks out we will read. 
Here is our stash for this year! 

Our kitchen is separate from our living and dining room area, so when I am in there, Mekonen insists on being right there too. He usually drags multiple toys in to play with on the floor. I got him these snowman cling-ons for the fridge and he loves them. He calls them "no-men." 

Mekonen's current FAVORITE toy. His little people nativity set. He plays with it everyday, multiple times a day and loves carrying around Baby Jesus. He also kisses every single nativity scene character. It's hilarious. (Notice the toy car that always joins the nativity set).

3 of Meko's new friends... the "no-men." He carries them all over the place, puts them in his high chair and says "eat" and of course, gives them kisses with an emphatic "muah!" (Notice, car or truck ALWAYS in hand). 

Yep, how most things end in our house. A big pile of boyness. 


Emily B. said...

Oooh- I love the "toy" nativity set. Where's you get that? TIA!

(I would love to teach D using manipulatives he can touch rather than pointing to fragile statues WAY up high-- out of his reach) LOL!

Julie said...

Love it. Joseph must have really wooed Mary with that sweet yellow Corvette. We have the same set, so Meko will feel right at home (minus the car, of course)! What a gabba-gabba mouth--he's talking up a storm these days!

Emily--it's a Little People set. We also have an AVON (of all things) play nativity that someone had given us years ago that Noemi luuuuvs.