Christmas Card 2010

Every year, one of my favorite things to do is write up our Christmas letter and order our Christmas cards. This year, I am using Shutterfly's new 2010 holiday collection for our photo cards and guess what, they are free, just for being a blogger! Who doesn't like a little something for free? So if you're a blogger and want in on the holiday freebie, just sign up here! But hurry, registration ends on December 10th! They have every kind of design you could imagine from fun and festive, to classy, and retro.

Shutterfly also has lots of great products! Need an awesome gift for Grandparents? How about a photo book? All Grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren, and if yours are like Mekonen's, they don't take many pictures anymore and don't know what to do with the digital stuff! So do it for them and present them with a gift they will love! Their very own photo book! Or, you can help them ring in the new year with a calendar full of pictures of their grandchildren!

I also found a great product that helps me stay connected with other adoptive families and/or other moms I meet out and about at the museum, the playground, etc. They are social personalized calling cards. It's kind of like a business card but has your name on it, your kids names, your contact info, your blog, and anything else you'd like someone to know. I met a mom one day downtown with a little Ethiopian boy they adopted and right away we had a common bond. Instead of sifting around in her purse to give me her contact info so our boys can have a play date, and we can get to know each other, she handed me a personalized calling card. Very fun idea!

So there ya have it! My shameless plug for Shutterfly! You should try it! You'll have to wait to see our 2010 Christmas card, but until then, I will leave you with a bit of Christmas cheer from my boy.

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