Christmas Cookie Fun

We've had some Christmas cookie fun here the last couple weeks. It takes three times as long to make cookies with an almost two year old "helping" but it's way more fun! We made gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies!

Gingerbread Cookies
I don't know exactly why I made these. I have never eaten gingerbread cookies that I like. But oh well. It was fun to make and Jon ate them at least. :) 

Macy was very interested. I also caught Mekonen with his face on the table biting the dough several times. Good thing it was just us eating them! 

Mmmm... licking the spoon. 

Anxiously awaiting the "cookies!!!!" as he kept yelling. 

And now for a taste!!! He loved them. 

Sugar Cookies!
These are my mom's famous sugar cookies. I know you are probably thinking a sugar cookie is a sugar cookie right? But no. I have never had another sugar cookie from anyone or anywhere that I have liked more than my mom's. There's no secret ingredient or anything, they just always come out tasting much better. And you can't beat homemade frosting on top either. We made these every single Christmas as kids, with the same cookie cutters, and the same red, green, and blue frosting. We never strayed from that. We would rather our traditional cookies than even decorating them with candies and all sorts of colored things. 

This picture kills me. 

Meko trying to figure out the rolling the pin. (Which by the way I bought that morning. After 5 years of marriage I finally just went and got one. Every time I have needed one I didn't have time to go get one and ended up rolling things out with cans of soup! The rolling pin my friends, is much easier!) 

Getting ready to decorate. I will admit, this part was done during naptime. There's no way I was letting Meko get his hands on this stuff. I can just see it now.... mounds of sprinkles all over the floor, and frosting who knows where! Next year buddy. 

But he sure did love waking up to this! And then he yelled more of, "Cookies!!!!"

Cookie Tip: Did you know that putting a piece of bread in the container you store cookies in keeps them soft? Try it! It works great!


Emily B. said...

yea! we made Christmas cookies too. It must have been the perfect activity on both sides of the country :)

But we ate all of ours... hopefully yours last longer than 2 days! And it was 80 degrees here this weekend. I was kind of cursing myself for choosing an activity that required the oven. LOL!

Julie said...

Oh, you were way smarter than me. I invited friends over to bake and paint dough ornaments and I'll be cleaning my kitchen for days. I turned my back for two seconds and Sosi had double fisted the glitter. An enire bottle of white sparkly emptied in less than 5 minutes. Oh, but fun was had!

Cannot wait to see you guys and squeeze that little man of yours!!!

ReSoNate said...

Great post! Thanks for the inspiration... I have not been brave enough to try something like this with my kids yet (now 13 mos and 3yrs). We've been home five months and I'm still trying to get in a groove with the basics of home life - but I'm getting there. :) Thanks for the tip about bread in the container, too.

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