Enjoying Some Winter Fun!

This winter, Mekonen has been loving the snow! Last year, the two times I put him in the snow, he cried. Not a fan! This year? A totally different story! When he sees the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky, he yells out the window "No!!!! No!!!" (his word for snow). So we tromp around outside as much as we can to let him play and explore. Here are a few picks from the snow the last several weeks.

Mekonen loves chasing the snowflakes!
 Trying to catch them with his tongue.
 Pure bliss!
 Mmmm...tastes good!
 Such happiness.
 Playing at the park across the street from our house. Mekonen was not a fan of the snow all over the slide. 
 Snowball fight with Daddy. Daddy got him right in the chest. Meko thought it was awesome. 
 Today, we have been getting lots of snow here in Indy, but I am not feeling well at all. Mekonen has a bad cold and I have a sinus infection and a chest cold. So I decided to stay in today and enjoy some "winter fun" inside. We did some snow crafts and read a book on winter. It was really fun. Mekonen was extremely excited and kept running around yelling, "Rafs!!! Rafs!!!" (His word for crafts).

Here he is....cheesin' away with craft number 1. (Notice, I felt too bad to even do his hair. And I was in my pj's all morning!) This craft was fun. A handprint snow tree. The white strip on the bottom is construction paper, and the snow "blobs" are granulated sugar. He giggled and giggled when I painted his hands brown. 

 Next craft...a snowman (which Meko calls "No-men"). He absolutely LOVED the little jar of buttons I got out for him to "pick" 4 buttons from. Well, I ended up picking them out, otherwise, we'd still be sitting there, at his little table, while he touched and attempted to eat, every single button in the jar. Haha. 
 Hard at work! 
Mekonen's FAVORITE part of craft time was punching out the white snowflakes with my snowflake stamper. 
 Ta-da!!!! Mekonen proudly displaying his morning of snow rafs with his Mom! 


Jess Boulet said...

OMG!!! The picture with him standing in front of his crafts almost made me die. Seriously, I almost threw my computer into my TV, it was too cute too handle!! I miss him!! And my lil prego cuz :)

Flinn said...

Meko catching snowflakes was the cutest thing! Awwwww. . .I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!