Mekonen is Two!!!

In the middle of all the Christmas chaos and traveling, our little boy turned 2 years old! For real? I have a two year old? I don't even feel old enough to be married! ;)

December birthdays are always tough. Jon's birthday is Christmas day and Mekonen's is the 28th. There's always the Christmas hustle and bustle and traveling and activity and often times those December birthday people get extremely jipped. So my two boys are stuck in that December birthday group.

We want to try really hard to make a clear distinction between Christmas and holiday chaos and Mekonen's birthday. When he is a little older and at the age to enjoy a friend birthday party, we will be sure to have one and not let the busyness of the holidays be a reason not to. We will simply do it earlier in December or even in January. But it's still kind of like overload during one part of the year. We've thought about a half birthday, but I don't know. I guess we'll take it one year at a time. For now, we try to make little distinctions even though he won't really remember, such as birthday wrapping paper not Christmas, no joint "here's your birthday and Christmas present" and making sure to set apart a time different from a Christmas celebration to celebrate our son.

So anyway!! On that note! My boy is two!!! On his actual birthday we were staying overnight at Jon's parents because his sister and aunt were in town. He woke up on his birthday singing to himself before I got him up. It was hilarious! He must have remembered us singing happy birthday to Daddy a few days before because we hadn't been singing him the birthday song. After I brought him downstairs I got a little video of him singing. My favorite part of the entire video is when he gets distracted halfway through by the dog Sadie outside. HA! He is still, almost a week later, singing happy birthday to himself, almost daily. In the video he calls himself "Bonen." Usually he says Monen, but sometimes Bonen. haha.

While back in PA for Christmas, we had a little birthday party with my two nieces, my best friend Rachel and her baby Gideon, my other best friend Georgia, and my family on the 23rd.

Natalie and Jane were super excited for cake and for Mekonen to open the present they got for him.
 Cheese!!! Jane, Daddy, Meko, Mommy, and Natalie
 Yummy cake
 I think Natalie was more excited about the present opening than Mekonen. They got him a tool set which he loves!!!
We went back home to Indy the day after Christmas and so we were at Jon's parents on Mekonen's actual birthday, the 28th. We had a little party for him there too. 

Here is my very first decorated cake! haha. It's one of those jumbo cupcake cakes and I tried decorating it like a puppy dog. Jon's sister Lindsay and I were laughing our heads off at it. It's kind of funny looking, but not too bad for my first decorating job right? ha!! Mekonen smiled really big when he saw it. I wonder if he knew it was a puppy! :) 
 Daddy, Mekonen, and Mommy
Lovin' him some more birthday sweets!
 Aunt Martha and Grandma Magz with the birthday boy
 Our dear friends Carol and Lauren 
 Grandpa Doug and Aunt Lindsay 
 Mekonen's favorite birthday present of the night....a huge semi-truck filled with matchbox cars! He runs to this toy every morning when he wakes up yelling, "open! open!" so he can put all the little cars in and out. So cute. 

Things You Love At 2 Years Old
1. Trains and Cars!! You call trains "choo-choos" or you yell, "Thomas!"You absolutely love pushing trucks and cars around the house. 
2. Barney and Thomas the Train Videos- you watch very little TV and the times you have it has been a Barney show or Thomas the Train and you ask repeatedly to watch them. I think you like Barney best because of the singing and dancing. 
3. Kisses- You give kisses to most of your toys (and of course your Mommy- hehe) and you love making the noise MUAH!
4. Wrestling with Daddy- you run from across the downstairs and right before you reach Daddy you turn around and fall into him backwards. 
5. Playing outside- if you could be outside every waking moment you would! 
6. New Words- repeating what everyone says- your vocabulary is growing like crazy! You are putting two words together regularly and even sneaking in some three word phrases. It's adorable. You usually repeat the last two words of every sentence we say, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. 
7. Chasing and Playing with Macy- Macy is your best friend. I'm not sure she would say the same back though! You love to wrestle with her, pet her, and chase her with your cars. She is so good to you and usually lets you get away with anything. 
8. Music- you absolutely LOVE music and singing. In the car as soon as a song on the CD is over and before it has gone to the next you are yelling, "more! more!" Any toy that make music or sings is a favorite of yours. You can be found most days singing happily and have an incredibly knack for being in tune at all times. 
9. Older Friends- you LOVE being around kids who are bigger than you. Right now your favorite big friends are Luke ("Wuke") and Jake. You get so excited to run around with any big kids and try and do whatever they are doing. 
10. Your name- you are saying your name as "Monen" and sometimes "Bonen" however whenever someone asks you your name, you call yourself Bobby. Haha. We have no idea where this came from. 
11. Books- you LOVE books, which makes this Mommy happy. You are now chanting "read book, read book" at any and all hours of the day! 
13. Our Little Shadow- we have to be extra careful of all we say and do as you are doing all the same things! This makes for some pretty funny scenarios. You watch and mimic Daddy a lot, which is so cute. When Daddy is petting Macy and giving her a hug, you do exactly the same. When Daddy comes up and puts his hand on my back, or rubs my back, you come over and do the same. :)
12. Big Boy- You can now get both feet off the ground when you jump and can run really fast for someone who is only two years old. You are pretty coordinated physically for a two year old and it will be fun to see what sports you end up enjoying. 
13. You're growing so big- You weigh about 29 lbs and are 34 1/2 inches long. 

We love you Mekonen and can't imagine our lives without you! You have been the greatest joy to us. 


Jon said...

This is a wonderful post sweets! You perfectly described our little boy. He's growing so much. It actually breaks my heart to know how quickly he will be grown and gone. But I guess that's the course of life! Missing you both this morning.

See you later!

Julie said...

What do you mean by "gone" Jon? Geesh--Lancaster's not that far from you guys--you can come visit him whenever you want?! :)

So I'm not even sure how many times we watched the video and sang Happy Birthday to Meko--Sosi even tried to blow out his candles for him. She's so bossy.

Hugs to the (belated) birthday boy!