Entering the 3rd Trimester!

And here I am....entering the 3rd trimester!! Really? Wow. Time has flown by! Only 12 weeks left (well almost 11 now!)

The baby bump is growing!!!
On Monday, Janaury 3rd- 28 Weeks
(7 months)

Baby Oren is about 2.4 lbs and about 15 inches from head to toe! Wow. No wonder it feels like someone is doing a dance on my rib cage already! When I sit down I feel like there isn't any more room up by my ribs, and sometimes I already find it hard to catch a breath! So strange! During this month, Baby O. will double in weight, making this month the largest baby growth spurt of the pregnancy (so in other words, look out for the next preggo pic!!! Ha!)

Baby O. is able to dream now when sleeping and his/her eyelids, now filled with eyelashes, can open and close. The lungs are almost fully developed and baby would have over a 90% chance of survival if born now. That eases my mind a little, but just a little, because of course, I won't stop worrying till he/she is out safe in our arms! ;)

Cravings Recently

  • Pineapple- I'm craving this at all times of the day in large quantities! Only bad thing about pineapple is they are so much work to prepare (if you want the good tasting stuff, not canned or frozen). I don't have much patience for chopping up a pineapple and usually end up with way less pineapple than I should! So a good present for me now? A platter of fresh pineapple! :) Hehe. 
  • Soda!!!! I have a love of soda. I always have. Now before you go and say how bad it is for my pregnancy, it's not! I only have one soda a day which is only 45mg of my allotted 300mg of caffeine a day! (One cup of regular coffee is about 300mg). So that's pretty good! (And I don't drink coffee so I'm good on the caffeine count!) I look forward to my one soda a day like people look forward to their coffee. And it's not necessarily the caffeine because I'd take a sprite or 7up too. MMmmmm...bubbly goodness!

The beginning of this 3rd trimester has been R.O.U.G.H. I have not been feeling well all over again, like the first trimester. My nighttime nausea has returned, this time with consistent throwing up. It is like clockwork. Every night, I get into bed and lay down. Within thirty seconds to a minute I am feeling nauseous and usually find myself running to the bathroom. Yesterday the nausea continued well into the early afternoon. Oh my. People are telling me nausea often returns the last trimester. Yikes. It's the laying down that is the worst, but I simply can't sleep siting up, even in a recliner. Kills my lower back.

Apparently, my lower back and hips are also in great protest! My lower back hurts all the time and I'm often convinced my hips/pelvis might be breaking. haha. I know, sounds dramatic, but seriously. I can barely get in my exercising. Just walking for any consistent length of time puts me in a great deal of pain for the rest of the day. Oh dear.

On a lighter, much more joyous note, maybe Baby O. is a boy, because this babe is active, and usually at night!! It's crazy to watch him/her move around from the outside! Mekonen often pats my belly and says "baby March!" And if he sees my belly button he pokes it and says, "open! open!" We think we have narrowed it down to two girl names though and no boy names!! We are completely stuck there (which is another indicator we will probably have a boy because we have no boy names! haha).


Julie said...

oh, yucky--sucks that you are getting sick again! This baby better be cute. :)

Hoping you feel better..xoxo

theresglitterinmycoffee said...

Blech to being sick again. I am guessing that you are having a girl. But I'd have to have a good look at you when you're closer to delivery. I have a weird knack for these things, I'm not sure why! I've correctly guessed the gender of the past 5 babies of friends!

Julie said...

And Donovan and I agree that you might be able to make you a believer in seltzer water...or as Sosi calls it, "bubble water". She LOVES it and begs for it. Check it out. LaCroix Cran-Raspberry from Target is my fav--it's a seriously good replacement, should you be looking to do so!