Mommy Update and Meko Milestone

Oh wow, what a week it has been. I'm hoping that it is finally safe to say I am starting to feel better! I thought maybe that was happening Monday night. But then I woke up on Tuesday and realized I was very, very wrong. I ended up feeling worse on Tuesday than I did Friday, which was my first full day of being sick. Something was just not right and I should've been feeling better by then with all the meds I was on. So I called my doctor back and he gave me a steroid inhaler, which I was a little annoyed about because it wasn't just my breathing, it was my head, sinuses, ears, back of my neck, etc., that were just horrible on Tuesday, getting worse by the day. All day long it felt like I had water up my nose while swimming in a pool. You know, that awful burning sensation. And everything on my body just hurt!

I went to my OB doctor on Wednesday and she walked in the door and was like, "Oh no honey. You look and sound terrible." Haha. Lovely. :) Thankfully my worries were put to rest about this illness somehow affecting the baby. He/she is doing great, strong heartbeat, and moving all over. So far, we're pretty sure he/she is head down with his back facing my left side and his front facing my right (which would explain the tons of movement I feel on one side of my belly and not the other). I'm 31 1/2 weeks now and will have another ultrasound at 35 weeks. Can't wait to see how much more baby-like he/she looks from the 18 week ultrasound! So anyway, I listed off the many medications my regular doctor gave me, and my OB added one she thought should do the trick. Boy was she right. I started it right away and within a few hours was already feeling better! So, I am hopefully on the mend! I'm sure Jon is glad seeing as though the poor guy had to resort to sleeping on the couch because my coughing was keeping him up all night! Mekonen will hopefully be glad that his mom doesn't need to spend the entire day sprawled out on the couch. Whenever he sees me heading for the couch he says, "Mommy sick?"

Thank you so much for all your prayers and notes. I really appreciated it. (And Jackie thank you so much for your two comments! I tried clicking on your name to send you a little reply, but it didn't send me anywhere with contact info. I'm so sorry!) :)

And enough of me and my lovely illness.... we had another little milestone with Mekonen. He is in a real big boy now! No more crib toddler bed! This transition went much better than the crib to toddler bed transition, which I think the "openness" of it freaked him out. But it was a good step between crib and real big boy bed. Daddy was home all day January 17th for Martin Luther King Jr. day, so he took the crib down, put it in the soon to be nursery, and set up the twin big boy bed just in time for Mekonen's nap. (We decided it would be best to keep Mekonen in his current room and put the nursery in the other room). Meko does great waiting in his bed for one of us to come get him in the morning or after naptime. This was the best sleep training decision ever! It gives me a few extra minutes to wake up myself, go to the bathroom, or even jump in the shower before he's up and running around.

First nap in his big boy bed! We always find him sleeping in the funniest positions. He loves to sleep on the edge with his arm around the mattress. He did this in the crib and toddler bed too. 
 First night in his big boy bed! We actually found him in a funny position, covers sprawled all over, like most nights. So after I re-arranged him, I took a picture. So sweet. 
 Sweet dreams baby boy! (or should I say, big boy!) 

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Jackie said...

Feeling soooo much better?...Hooray!! So glad to know that you're not curled up in a corner sucking for air. (Who said that I tend to be a bit dramatic?!) Anyway, now I can go back to silent reader mode...that is, until the next posting when you're scary/sick. Don't make me come over there!!

Jackie Johnson...Morgan Hanna's mom(excag1@gmail.com)