Merry Belated Christmas!!

Well, finally.... Merry Christmas!!! It has taken me forever to get these Christmas pics up! Not sure why, it just has. Life has been flyin' by since New Years ended and I am finding myself more tired than I have ever been! But better late than never right? So here goes! (Look out, there's lots of pictures!)
Merry Christmas 2010
We started off our Christmas traveling with a stop in Lancaster, PA to visit some of our dearest friends the Witmers! We traveled with the Witmers in Ethiopia and experienced our children's hometown stories together in Dire Dawa. Amazing. We have such a special bond with this family, and yes, we have a pre-arranged marriage for Mekonen and Sosina already planned!
 These two have a special little bond. They are so comfortable with each other and always act like they have known each other forever! It's so sweet. 
 Mekonen joined Sosi in their church Christmas pageant as a star. They walked down the aisle together and sat in the Christmas scene. So cute. 
 Classic Christmas tree pic.
 And of course...smooches! (How long can we get away this?)
 Such sweet comfort around each other. Love it. 
 Big smiles from Meko!
 The six of us before we had to head out. 
We arrived at my parents the week before Christmas and it was so nice to spend so much time with family and friends! There is just something special about being "home"...  about walking into my parents house, especially at the holidays. So many memories, so much comfort, so much of "home." Here's my parents Christmas tree with presents galore! 
 Mekonen opening his Christmas Eve present...
 A Christmas tradition- Christmas pajamas to open on Christmas Eve! Now, after Christmas, whenever Mekonen wears these pj's he says, "open presents!!" Haha. So I guess he associates those jammies with Christmas morning presents!
Grandpa Jack and Mekonen
 Christmas Eve was one of my favorite days. We went to church with my sister and then enjoyed a quiet evening with just me, Jon, and my parents playing Dominoes and talking until my other sister and her family arrived around 1am. Loved that time with my parents. 
Mekonen's stocking- all ready for him to open! 
 Three cutie cousins busting with excitement Christmas morning! 
Aderyn, Manny, and Mekonen
 The boys: Manny and Mekonen

 Mekonen opening his stocking. His favorite.....CARS!!!

 Grandma opening gifts with Meko.
 Me and Jonny
 Cousins Natalie and Jane opening presents!
 After a busy, fun-filled Christmas day, we packed up the car and headed out the door for the 11 hour car ride at 4am the next day to have Christmas with Jon's family back in Indy. Phew!! What a whirlwind of a day. We were exhausted, but couldn't wait to have Christmas with the Orens! 
Daddy and Mekonen playing with his new tractor from Grandma Magz and Grandpa. He loooooves it! 
 Uncle Jeremy and Meko
 Presents, presents, and more presents!
So, in a small nutshell, that was our Christmas! Busy and filled with lots of love from friends and family!


Julie said...

Awwww--feels so long ago already! Miss you guys and glad you had a great time at "home." His stocking made me laugh--reminded me of that gingerbread stocking from last year!

Julie said...

Cute, cute, cute kiddos! I think those big fridge letters were from Lakeshore. :)