37 Weeks & How to Choose the Perfect Baby Name

37 Weeks!!
  • I had my 37 weeks appointment today and nothing has really changed! This babe continues to cook, getting nice and strong and healthy (but hopefully not too big!!!) 
  • From last week to this week, I started having a lot more pressure in my lower stomach and some sharp pains. But nothing consistent or super significant. 
  • My doctor always giggles when I lift up my shirt for her to hear the heartbeat. She says, "Girlfriend, you are just all baby!" 
  • Gained a pound so now total weight gain is 22 lbs. 
  • The heart rate today was 141. 
  • The doctor referred to the baby once at my appointment today as a specific gender. Then she said, "Wait, we don't know what this baby is do we?" And I said nope! Now I'm really curious! Does she really know and did she just slip up? Both times the ultrasound tech said she didn't even look, so I don't think the doctor knows. Haha. Either way, we continue to guess and speculate! :) 
  • I have some amazing friends who got me a pregnancy massage today for an hour! It was AMAZING! I wish I could hire this girl to give me a massage during my whole labor. That would be awesome! 
  • I feel like there's a seem going down the middle of my stomach that is going to B-U-S-T! 
  • Pain in my right rib, wrapping around to the back of my ribs gets worse by the day! Oh baby oh baby! 
The torpedo continues to grow....

AND!!!! We are pretty sure we have finally nailed down a baby boy name! So, bring on Baby Oren! Now I feel ready for it to be either gender. I'm super stoked about both of our names and now wish I was pregnant with a set of boy/girl twins so I could use both of them, right now! 

The baby name process was fun for me! I just love names. Love the reasons why people choose their names, or why they like a certain name, etc. So fun. Here are some baby naming tips if you are also searching for the perfect name! 

Ask all your family and friends their suggestions on names and their opinions.
This is slightly sarcastic unless you are overly concerned with what people will think of the name you choose. Have you ever noticed that the name you like just happens to be the same name of that neighborhood bully in your friend’s childhood, or the “less than moral” girl they knew in highschool? And then there’s the family member who will always come up with a ridiculous nickname that afterwards you just can't shake. 

Tip: Yes, there are those abrasive family and friends who will give their negative opinion of the name you choose while you are holding your little bundle of joy. To avoid the complete bashing of your favorite name, keep it a secret until you are holding your new baby. By then, most people will at least say something socially appropriate (I repeat, most).
Many families choose a name based on their faith and/or ethnicity. These names can be special for a baby if they are presented with their importance and heritage in mind. Often times, children love hearing stories about how they are connected to the things that are important to their family.

Tip: If you choose a name that relates to your child’s religion or ethnicity, celebrate it in a special way in your child’s life, so they can take pride in it too.

Infant, Child, Adult
Some families prefer to find a name that will fit their child through all life stages. For example, you might be able to picture a baby and a child named Lily, but not an 80 year old lady. Or an 80 year old man named George, but not a teeny tiny infant.

Tip: Whatever name you choose will fit your baby and their personality perfectly. It always seems to happen like that. So go ahead with that older, strong name, or that sweet little girl name and your child will do just fine!

I know friends who have named their children so that their initials spell something but be careful your child’s initials don’t spell something  off-color that will be the brunt of teasing. For example, Ashely Sarah Smith, Peter Oliver Oren, or Gavin Andrew Yoder.

Tip: If this is something that might bother you, write out your child’s name and initials and see how they could be perceived from every which way.

Family Names/Significance & Meaning
Some parents chose names for their children based on its meaning. Either the name was passed down in the family and becomes sentimental that way, or a name is given strictly by what it means such as a character building virtue or identifies a specific time or event in a family’s life. For example, a child named Vivian after their grandmother, or a child named Gideon which means warrior, or a child named Jonathan which means gift of God, who was born on Christmas day (that's my hubby Jon!)

Tip: Search through your family history for some unique names that you might want to use to honor your family. Or, if there is a specific character trait that is important to you, find a name that has that meaning and use it as a teaching tool.

Gender Neutral Names
Many families prefer to stay away from names that can be used for a boy or a girl. These gender neutral names are different in various parts of the country as well. In the north, it is very uncommon for a boy to be named Ashley, but in the south, it is a very common boys name.

Tip: If you are worried that you will have a sensitive child who will be upset if they didn’t get a “girl color” name tag in kindergarten because the teacher wasn’t sure whether Taylor was a boy or girl, you might want to consider a different name, or consider a spelling that looks more feminine or masculine. For example: Jordan- boy spelling, Jordyn- girl spelling.

Say It Out Loud!
Often times people hear a name only in their head or on a list they are going over with their spouse, but they don’t say it enough out loud or in conjunction with their first, middle, and last name.

Tip: Say it like you would calling your child for dinner, or introducing them to someone, or even the first and middle name when they are in trouble!

Overall, if all else fails when you are trying to come up with a baby name, remember this one very important tip…Think like a middle school boy!


Jon said...

Good post, Rachie! Finding the names was a FUN PROCESS. I told you it would all come together for us.

Looking forward to this. You will be great!

Barbaloot said...

A friend came up with a great baby name test. She tried saying the name after the following two phrases.

Paging Dr. .....

All rise for the Honorable.....

Ha ha! Good luck.