Wow! Two years ago today, we saw our son's face for the first time! I still remember it like it was yesterday! But then again, it feels so long ago... like he's always been with us. I look at this picture and am reminded of the sorrow and the joy of adoption... all that is lost, and yet all that is gained. It's a difficult thing to "settle" in my mind. I'm not sure it will ever be truly settled... someone's indescribable pain and someone else's indescribable joy- all rolled into one.

This boy has blessed our lives more than my words can describe. The gift of his life is more incredible than I ever imagined!
2 years ago- Mekonen Jack

And today... (well, this pic is from January). My how he's grown!

And how fun would it be if we saw this new baby's face on this same day! Now that would be neat! I was secretly hoping for that... however, with only 8 hours left of March 26th, I highly, highly doubt that is going to happen (unless labor starts very soon and is extremely fast! probably not my luck!) haha. 

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Flinn said...

Tell Konen/Bobby/Bonen that Aunt Meg freaking LOVES HIM!!!!!!!