Getting Ready for Baby Oren

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of Baby O's cook time! About 3 more weeks to go. People talk about this thing call nesting. Some say it happens right before the baby comes, some even the day before, or the day of! If this were the case, I would have had this baby several times by now! :) I hit my days here and there where I get a burst of energy and I clean and organize. But it doesn't stay that way for long before I feel like I need to do it again!

I think we have most of the big stuff ready to go! So here's what we've been up to! 

Here's the baby's bassinet that our friend Beth is letting us borrow!! Isn't it adorable? :) (Thanks so much Beth!!) I am planning on having the baby sleep in the bassinet in our room for awhile to make nighttime feedings easier since his/her room is at the end of the hallway. That is, unless Baby decides he/she wants to be an extremely noisy sleeper. Then they might just find themselves in their nursery crib a little sooner than planned. ;) (Who am I kidding? I won't sleep well noise or no noise!) 

A view from the top!

And since we don't know if Baby O. is a boy or girl we bought two take-home outfits for the hospital. One for a boy and one for a girl! We will simply take back the one we don't need!

If Baby O. is a Girl!
(I was hoping for a cute bright pink dress, I am obsessed with the bright bold pinks rather than pastel! But there isn't a great variety of outfits in newborn size. All the real cute ones started at 0-3 months- too big for going home day). 

If Baby O. is a Boy!
Equally difficult was finding a boy outfit I loved. Another indicator that Baby O. is probably a boy! :) Hehe. But he'll be stylin' in this cutie boy outfit. 

This made me smile when I pulled it out of the box. I can't believe Mekonen actually fit into this until he was almost 15 months old!! I remember the first time Jon and I tried getting him in this thing at the airport. It was a riot! Another cute little mini will be buckled in tight soon!

The Baby's hospital bag prepared with a couple things for a boy or girl. How fun! I am so excited we decided to wait!!

I still have to pack my hospital bag and a bag for Mekonen while we are gone. If you think of it, please pray for him, and us (okay, probably me more than us). I am extremely anxious about being away from Mekonen for a couple days for several reasons. 

In the past year, Mekonen has struggled a bit with transitions and big changes. I know once the baby is home and we are all home together, he will adjust fine. But that's not what I'm worried about.. it's the few days of being away from our home, being away from us, and not having a clue what is going on. That's what bothers me.... a lot. 

He's too little to understand or to explain the situation like you could to an older child. It's like all of a sudden, things are not normal, Mom and Dad aren't around, and then they come home with a new baby. We are extremely thankful for dear friends who are going out of their way to care for Mekonen. We are so loved and are so thankful. But I am still, really missing my Mom and sisters at this point when nothing would beat Mekonen staying home at our house the whole time, and being cared for here in his environment, by family, to make the situation the most stable and smooth for him. But I can't wait for my Mom to get here after the baby is born! That will be the best having her here. :) 

So that is where we are now in baby preparations!!! I was telling Jon yesterday that it's kind of a weird feeling waiting for the worst pain of your life to start! :) 

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Rachel said...

Don't forget Auntie Rachel and Gideon. We would be there to play with Meko if we could. I miss you and love you tons! Praying for you all.