Oh The Waiting Game

I drive home everyday from work hoping to open my email to a message saying our dossier is in Ethiopia! Once that happens we will be officially on the waiting list for baby Oren and then we get to stalk the waiting list and our agency and hopefully our name moves up quickly! Some online friends I met through our agency's online adoption group sent their dossier to AAI (our agency) 4 days ahead of us and they got the message last week saying they're dossier is in Ethiopia. So we're hoping that means our turn is close!

It's funny because some people still give funny "hints" such as, "Are you sure about this?" or "But what about____" (and fill the blank with pretty much anything you can think of). Some people are concerned you can't love an adopted child like a biological child, some think only infertile couples should adopt (Christians, of all people, should be pro-adoption. After all, God adopted you into His family saving you from a life of misery, and God isn't infertile), and the list goes on. It's really hard for some to understand. I wish those people could just jump into our hearts and be in our shoes for 1 minute. Then they would experience the call of God, and the heart we have for orphans and it would all make sense. As I was driving home from work today I was thinking of how confident and how sure we are of this. There are only four major events in my life that I have felt as sure as this, and the confidence and assurance in every one of them was totally and completely from God.
1. When I gave my life to Jesus.
2. When I married my husband.
3. When I walked onto my college campus my sophomore year. I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be.
4. Our choice to adopt.

I pray that believers around the world draw so close to God and his heart that the assurance of their decisions are set in stone!


The Isaak Family said...

Hi Rachael!
I sent you an email about "the list". My comment was getting REALLY long! Hope my explanation helps!

Rachael and Jon said...

Hi Elizabeth! OOh good, thanks for the email. I'll definitely check it!

Anonymous said...

The odd questions and comments are definitely bummers, but try to remember that 1.) they're opportunities to educate people on adoption. Whether we like it or not, as adoptive parents we are now advocates for life! 2.) Most people truly don't realize how hurtful their comments can be, and really are clueless. 3.) most of the really odd questions tend to die down once the actual child is there and the 'mysery' is removed from people.
On a side note, when people ask the proverbial, "are you infertile?" question, I always wanted to ask them how they enjoyed their experiences of conceiving their child were, just to freak them out. B/c in reality, they are asking you very personal, private info, and I never cease to be amazed at how people will just put it out there! In any other context, you wouldn't ask someone at your church about how sex was going in their marriage, yet with adoption, people seem bolder!