America's First Black President

Wow, what a week it has been! Jon and I aren't into debating politics nor do we discuss at length with others who we support politically. We are committed to knowing the Bible and making decisions, including voting decisions, by our faith convictions. No matter what political party you belong too, and no matter who you voted for, please don't tell me you aren't at least proud of how far America has come through electing its first African American President. In the hustle and bustle of every day life, it's easy for many to not realize what a great part of history was accomplished on Tuesday night. But for many other Americans, it's impossible for them to not celebrate at what this means for their lives, the lives of their children, and the lives of their grandchildren, and the generations to come. Just sit back and think about it.... the first African American President! Do we have any idea how this can hopefully impact Americans to truly embrace all of mankind for who they are.... image bearers of God! Incredible! Just as John McCain said in his concession speech..."America has come a long way from it's cruel, prideful, bigotry." It's incredible that we have gone from African Americans being unable to vote, to an African American being on the ballot, to an African American winning the election. Even though I have my own opinions and convictions about both parties, and about both candidates, I am hoping that the election of an African American President (regardless of who it is, what party he is affiliated with, and what he believes), will bring more hope for our son's future here in America.

On a completely different note: My arm is killing me from the shot I got yesterday! haha. We are waiting on one more document to send our dossier to AAI. Please pray that we can get this in our hands tomorrow, and our dossier can be on its way to Washington on Saturday morning! We've been hearing some news around the blog world about referrals being faster than we first anticipated! Woo-hoo!


Emily B. said...

OMG- I started my shots yesterday too-- that Tetanus HURTS!! :)

Emily B. said...

I was told Hep A, B, flu and Tetanus are the "required ones" . I also got MMR booster (just since I suppose you're supposed to every 30-ish years so it was time).

If you're traveling to small villages outside of Addis, Polio booster, Meningitis, MMR booster and Typhoid fever are encouraged. But off the record my dr. said to not worry about these assuming we're in Addis or Nasareth (where baby D was found) the whole time. Good luck! :)