A Small Taste of Ethiopia!!

The Abyssinian Ethiopian Restaurant
Tonight we went to an Ethiopian restaurant here in Indianapolis with Jon's parents. It was really fun! We've wanted to try this place out
for awhile now. It's called the Abyssinian Restaurant run by all Ethiopians serving Ethiopian food. From what I'm told it's accurate Ethiopian food, not like "chinese" food in the States.

Jon's Parents: Magz and Dig as we affectionately call them. hehe. I love how interested and excited Jon's parents are about our adoption. We had a good time sharing what's next in our timeline and the general/common circustmances surrounding orphans in Ethiopia. It's always fun to talk about adoption and get people excited about where God has led us!

Here's the dish Jon and I had. I can't remember the names. They were hard to pronounce. The bread on the bottom is called injera and we were given a plate with rolled up injera. With Ethiopian food you don't use a fork, spoon, or knife. You rip off pieces of the injera and pick up the food with the bread and then eat it. It was quite fun! I really liked my dish. I had beef, jalapenos, onions, and berberre sauce. The injera bread has a slight sour taste. The spices were really good. Jon had lamb with a variety of spices and stuff. I'm still not quite sure if I liked the texture of the injera. It was kinda of spongy. It tasted great but the texture kind of freaked me out. I've been looking for Ethiopian recipes to try at home. I'd like to get good at a few dishes myself!

Baby Oren gets his first gift tonight from Grandma Magz! How sweet of her to bring a gift on our first visit to this Ethiopian restaurant!

Since we don't know how big or how old our baby is yet, she got him a cute little crawling ball. It moves on the floor (while ducks bobble around it) and encourages the baby to crawl after the ball. We were very excited to get our first baby gift! HOW FUN!


Amanda said...

Hi Jon and Rachel, How fun to be able to get a "taste" of Ethiopia...I have been to that restaurant and It is nice to experience authentic culture! Glad things are going well with the process! How exciting!!

Emily B. said...

Yum! I love spicy lentils and wat.

It's "American" that they brought your table two different plates, though. Normally, they put all of your orders on 1 big plate so you can share :) It is fun to get messy eating with your fingers though!

Anonymous said...

my fave is the communal hand washing bowl at these restaurants!