Baby Gifts!

Merry Christmas Eve! We are finally here in PA! Yippee! It's nice to be home and visiting with my family whom we haven't seen since we moved in August. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece and nephew tomorrow! I already got to smother my two other nieces all day yesterday! This will be a fun Christmas with four little ones under the age of four!

We celebrated Christmas with Jon's family on Sunday before we left. Both of our parents are always more than generous on Christmas. We were very excited with two specific gifts from Jon's mom! She got us our first two big baby gifts! We got our pack n' play and high chair! I LOVE them! You should've seen us trying to put this pack n' play together. I was so excited I took it right out of the box and we started assembling it. It took four of us to get it together. Haha. Here are pictures of the ones we got.

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