This time around... our hearts are in Ethiopia

Christmas is my favorite time of year! We have been enjoying all the sights and sounds of Christmas... well, probably more so me, than Jon, as I blast the Christmas music that Jon is already sick of hearing! And of course, everyday I rush to the mailbox to see who sent Christmas cards! I especially love the ones with pictures! I love watching Christmas movies and lighting all my smelly pine tree candles. This year is a little different though with our hearts already in Ethiopia. It's truly the strangest feeling this year.... a longing I can't explain. We've only been on the waiting list for 10 days... 10 out of A LOT more days, but still, it feels different to be approaching the holiday with our eyes set on our babe somewhere in Ethiopia. I keep thinking...wow, Lord willing, our son will be here for Christmas next year! So exciting! In light of that, you've gotta watch this video by third day. It's just a few minutes long, but I cried through the whole thing.


izzyopas said...

VERY CUTE christmas pic! and i like the video as well. i watched it before on another person's blog.
call me sometime. i'm VERY frustrated with our homestudy agency!

Anonymous said...

Well it's not the Olympics, but your families have much to be proud of, but don't tell them I said so. :)

Your positive attitudes are infectious.

I hope things go as well as possible.

Merry Christmas!

Uncle Steve

The Isaak Family said...

Okay Rachael, this video totally made me sob. Which at this moment is NOT great because I have a cold and no kleenex nearby. It's messy, not gonna lie. And now I must go to clean up.

doddyj said...

Oren! I miss you so much - you have to come back out here and do lunch with me somtime, and bring that baby of yours too, okay??? I cannot WAIT to read your post when you get back to the states with your little bundle. I love following your blog, so thanks for putting so much work into it so us weirdos out in PA can get a glimpse into your lives. :)

izzyopas said...

hey, did you happen to get any info on the AAI blog list for me. you had mentioned something about having people invite me into a group? i'd like to see more people who are adopting with AAI. THANKS!

Donovan and Julie said...

Congratulations that things are moving along for you. I commented a while back and you asked then if we had a blog. We now do, so I thought I'd share it. Stop by sometime at robertswitmer.blogspot.com. Peace and blessings! Donovan Roberts Witmer