Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your family and loved ones! Jon & I drove about 11 hours to Pennsylvania to be with my family this year. It's always a loud and crazy bunch when we're together. We have 1 nephew and 3 nieces all under the age of four. Unwrapping presents was a great whirlwind of wrapping paper for about 30 minutes. My favorite gift was from Jon. He got me "The Faces of Layla" book which is a book of pictures of the orphanage where our baby will be. Wow. It has pictures of Ethiopia and all the kids and the orphanage. It made my heart melt. I want to be there so bad picking up our little guy. We got a couple soft toys from my niece and nephew for the baby, and the perfect blanket from my other sister. It's the exact one I wanted to get. It's SUPER soft and an adorable baby blue. Her girls both have them in pink and purple. One of the gifts we got the kiddos were t-shirts we made. They were very excited about them and Manny & Aderyn wore one of theirs today. One said, "Some cousins arrive by stork, mine by 747." And the other one said, "Waiting for our Cousin From Ethiopia." Here are some pictures of the shirts! From left to right: Manny, Aderyn, Natalie, Jane, & Baby Oren


Katie & Tim said...

those shirts are literally sooo cute! where did you get them? i'm at my sister's now and it would be cute to get them made for her girls. hope you had a merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

haha you made your child look like an apple :)