A Gift for Ethiopia

This past Monday I sent a letter home to the families of my students telling them about our adoption! My students were so excited! They came in asking all about the baby, and one little girl kept saying, "I just can't wait for your baby to come home!" They all offered me their suggestions for names too, which were quite funny. I got the most encouraging and thoughtful card from the parents of one of my boys. It's definitely going into our "Words of Love" project we've been compiling. I wish people could truly see how much it means to us to hear from people about our adoption. It's such a blessing! Then, this past Friday we had a half day of school before the Christmas break. We had a big school Christmas party and one of my students gave me the most thoughtful gift. Even cooler was the fact that they got this gift BEFORE they knew about our adoption. Wow! Here's a picture of the gift....

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