Ethio To-Do List!

Phew! After being in PA and grad. school in Ohio for the last 3 1/2 weeks I am finally home and staying put until we leave for Ethiopia!!! I have a major to-do list that I need to get crankin' on. I'm glad for the busyness though for these last several weeks. It'll feel so good to get everything done and be all ready to go! Here's that sweet face that keeps us chuggin' along.... dressed in pink, equipped with hearts, an elephant, and cherries! hehe. Don't worry baby. We have lots of blue, green, and orange for you!Before Ethiopia To-Do List!
  • Clean House (This is an immediate must. It looks like a bomb went off over here!)
  • Make Mekonen's Appointment with the International Adoption Doctor at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis
  • Clean out and organize bedroom closets
  • Go through clothes and get rid of stuff I don't wear
  • Clean out/organize kitchen cupboards, making room for Mekonen's bottles, bowls, etc.
  • Start making and freezing baby food
  • Finish Mekonen's scrapbook and Lifebook
  • 30-Hour Curriculum Project for grad. school, due before Ethiopia!
So much to do! And, I'm OFF!!! We're coming soon baby! 3 weeks and 1 day! I can't believe it!


Renee said...

Just in case you don't know these little ones look great in bright colors..bright orange and teal blue look awesome with their skin tone. Some of my favorite colors to dress my little man in. Just a question how come it took so long from passing court to travel for you guys?? We passed court March 31st and traveled in mid april. Just wondering if its an agency specific thing.

Amy said...

Manny would like to add: "Call Manny on the phone so I can tell you about dinosaurs, and the gopher in my backyard. Also I am stronger than Daddy and Mommy."

Amy said...

oops! forgot to add aderyn's: "tell auntie rachael and uncle jon to call me. I am mad at Jon, he was not at Grandma Dog's. I miss him, and love Uncle Jon. Also, I want Mekonen to play princess with me, he will be a knight, I am a princess, manny is a king."

Shonah said...

Haha, we also have pictures of Esuyawkal wearing all pink.

You have your work cut out for you, good luck getting your do to list done;)

Anonymous said...

haha... I think you should take care of Amy's to do list first :)

Tell your mom her to do list for Indy should look like this:
1. Make a chocolate cake for Jess

(That's all)

Brooke and Brian said...

We have pictures of our little boy in all pink and purple :)

doddyj said...

you're nesting. :)