Pajamas, Pajamas, Pajamas!

41 jammies, 59 to go!! We are well on our way to meeting our 100 PJ goal for Ethiopia! We are so incredibly thankful for those of you who have sent pajamas and/or money for pajamas and formula! We are also collecting socks, underwear, and small bras. Here are some snapshots of our donations so far! If you'd like to contribute to our donation drive for Mekonen's older friends at the Layla House in Ethiopia, drop me a message for our address.
  • 41 pajamas
  • 22 pairs of socks
  • 78 undies
  • 2 small bras


Megan said...

Thats awesome! I should take pics of our donations, what a fun idea. I just went and bought the Rubbermaid totes(btw Walmart doesn't have the 18 gallon in the Rubbermaid brand, but Target does!) and loaded them up last night. I was so happy to find that I have just a bit more room for some formula, which is fantastic because some people have sent us money for that. I think I'll take some pics too though before I'm all done. Great job, Rachael!! You guys are awesome!

Amy said...

I love it! The pics we have like this from out trip to Manny are some of my fave... ours was stacks and stacks of medicine and formula. I loved being able to involve people that way. Such fun!

Donovan and Julie said...

This is fantastic--isn't it so much fun to watch donated items pile up in your house?! Such a pile o' love! I want to see the pile of little bras and undies when it's all said and done! :)

Yippee--counting down with you!