Shopping Day for Mekonen!

Still waiting for our travel dates. I am trying desperately to remain sane. I just cannot wait to get my hands on our little boy. I can't wait to snuggle him, love him, carry him, and love him some more! Shopping has been my waiting therapy, so today I went out with my sister, my two nieces Natalie & Jane, and my friend Georgia to peruse the sale and clearance racks. We got some great deals! But I'm kind of bummed because my ability to continue my shopping therapy is dwindling (haha). What am I going to do all these weeks until we travel? Here are some pics from our baby Konen shopping trip. Natalie is soooo sweet when she says, "Baby Konen." hehe.

I bought the peanut shell baby carrier a few weeks ago and tried it out on Jane again. She loved it and almost feel asleep. I also put Natalie in it for a bit at home just for fun!
Natalie was so excited to shop for Konen, as she calls him. She wanted to carry some of his clothes herself and was very excited to put them up on the counter when we paid. She kept saying so sweetly, "Natalie do it all myself and Natalie pay." hehe.
Ignore the incorrect way of wearing the peanut shell in the picture below. Jane was squirming around and grabbing racks and it came unfolded. The above picture in the beginning is what it is supposed to be like!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sad I missed you while you were home. I can't wait to get caught up when I get back!! I'm sure you'll be back in IN, but I can't wait to here whats going on!