To Bless the Kids at the Layla House

Part of getting ready to pack and travel to Ethiopia to pick up our sweet baby boy Mekonen, will also involve getting lots of fun donations to bring to the waiting children at the Layla House. Most families bring things for the babies so we decided we want to bless the older children at the Layla House who are waiting for forever families. (Although we still will collect and bring baby formula as that is a necessity).

Our agency sent us some needs that the older children have and we chose a category and are going to try and accumulate as many donations for them as we can. The waiting older children are incredible! We know several families who have already adopted older children and know many in the process. They are simply amazing. One of the things on Jon's to do list while in Ethiopia is to play soccer every night with the older kids.So, here is what we're looking to bring. If you are willing to get a few items on the list below you can send them to my house, or if you are in the Indy area I will come and get them if it's easier. Email me at RachaelOren@yahoo.com for our address.

Donation Items We Are Collecting:
  • Cosco Kirkland Brand Infant Formula (powdered)
  • Pajamas for boys and girls ages 5 to 14 (new)
  • Socks and underwear for boys and girls (all sizes, ages 5 to 14) and small bra sizes
We are incredibly psyhced to see how the Lord will provide some much needed items for the children at Layla. Thank you for considering to help us care for the others in this way.

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Lindsey said...

Rachael...send me your address and I will mail you some stuff! Have an amazing time. andrews.africabound@gmail.com