More Pics of our Boy!

Wow... the waiting continues. We were told that on Friday we would get our travel date. Then we got an email saying they were sorry but we wouldn't get them until Monday. Now it is Tuesday (technically Wednesday since it's now midnight), and we still haven't heard anything...nada, nothin', zilch! We know it is sometime in August... just dying to know when!

Here are some new pictures we received of Mekonen today! And yes, he's dressed in pink (hehe). Poor baby boy. Don't worry buddy, we're going shopping tomorrow and we will get you some much better little boy colors. I am obsessed lately with kelly green and orange things! :)Poor little baby has a runny nose. Look at those expressive eyebrows! :)

I love how the nanny is kissing his fingers. We have been so blessed to see how affectionate his nannies are in the pictures and video we have received. Our little man is being well cared for and given hugs and snuggles. But I am jealous it's not me!!


Amanda said...

could he be any cuter? not possible...love those big eyes!

Ginger said...

Remember, real men do wear pink (we have a number of pics of our son in it too)! Seriously though he'll look great in green, orange, etc...that gorgeous brown skin looks great in bright colors. He is such a cutie & I'm so happy you passed court on the first try. Hope travel dates come soon!

Shonah said...

Amen sister!! Glad they are loved but I can't wait for it to be my turn:) He is too cute, and I love that you have so much video of him, what a gift!

Emily B. said...

Such a sweetie! I'm pretty sure that's Berhani kissing his fingers in the last picture. She was by far Dawit's favorite nanny and she was in tears op his last day. Berhani is an amazing woman and I know Mekonen is being well cared for. :)