Travel Update

Isn't this the sweetest little picture ever? That smiles melts my heart! I cannot wait to scoop up my baby boy! What a cutie pie!

So, many have been asking what is up with our travel schedule? Up until Friday, we too, were asking the same question! We were told we would get our travel date over a week ago. Friday, we received this news from our agency. Apparently, MOWA (the Ministry of Woman's Affairs who wrote our adoption approval letter to pass court) closed for two weeks of training without notice. We found out that this has affected us getting our travel date.
Following court approval, it is necessary for MOWA to issue a “To Whom it May Concern” letter that certifies the adoption approval date by the Ethiopian court for each adoption. This letter is necessary for the visa interview appointment at the US Embassy.

We were notified that MOWA will not be working for the next two weeks. We do not yet know if clerical staff will be able to issue the “To Whom it May Concern” letters in the next two weeks, or if the MOWA offices will be completely closed.

Families waiting to be assigned travel dates/embassy interview dates will need to continue to be patient.

We were told that this issue shouldn't change our actual travel date, just delay when we will be notified of our travel date. But, we are unsure of this. We got another message today from our agency saying that our lawyer thinks the "To Whom It May Concern" letters were written before the 2 week closure, and we hopefully find that out this week. We continue to remind ourselves of God's goodness despite our idea of goodness. What a great process this has been so far for us!


Donovan and Julie said...

Ho hum. Waiting with you!

So this is absolutely the CUTEST pic of Mekonen...what a gem! I just want to squeeze him with a love hug!

Anonymous said...

More shopping then huh?

I bet you are going crazy!!!!!

Love, JO

Brian and Autumn said...

Hey Rachael,
Could you e-mail me when you have a chance? I have some questions about AAI...