11 Months!!

My baby boy is 11 months old today! I still can't believe it. The first time we saw his sweet little face he was two days from being 3 months old. He is such a big boy and very "plump" and outgrowing his clothes by the day! My niece Aderyn told me today that Mekonen looked like a baby sausage and my nephew Manny asked if he had a baby in his tummy because it was so big. What a riot!

Here is Mekonen Jack at 11 months.

Our little family at the Christmas tree farm. It was soooooo cold!!!Mekonen playing with Grandpa Jack.

Looking cool in his cousin's sunglasses.
And just for fun, here is me at 11 months in February of 1984! Aren't I cute? Haha.


doddyj said...

why is it that we always pick the coldest days to go cut down our christmas tree? Phil & I went last weekend and the wind was so cold it was hard to want to walk around and keep looking! :)

hope you guys had fun and found the perfect one.

Amber said...

Mekonen gets cuter every time you post. His eyes are so big and bright I love it. I wanted to let you know that I have truly enjoyed following your blog and I awarded you on my blog :) Thanks for all of your great posts!!!

churchill car insurance said...

Wow ! Mekonen Jack looks so cute in photographs. I really like his all the images. He is so happy with his Grandpa.