Ethiopian Goodness!!!!

Last night was awesome. We went to a dinner that the Ethiopian Evangelical Church put on for families from Indy who have adopted from Ethiopia. All of the Ethiopians that put on the dinner for us are first generation immigrants and are working very hard to make a life here for their families. They served Ethiopian food (YUMMY!!!) and all wore their traditional Ethiopian outfits and did a traditional coffee ceremony as well.

It was so much fun to see so many families with Ethiopian children. The kids were running around all over the place playing with each other. It was so sweet. I really hope that Mekonen will grow up with other Ethiopians and have Ethiopian friends. There is a population of about 4,000 Ethiopians in Indianapolis!

The best part of the evening was at the very end, after most of the families had left. We got to sit and chat with many of the Ethiopians that were there. They were just lovin' all over Mekonen and the ladies were passing him all around. When they asked what his name was and we said Mekonen they all threw their heads back and with such joy laughed as they said, "ahhhh...Mekonen!!!!" It was hilarious. They were all calling him Mulk-ay (like the sound Hulk). This is the Ethiopian nickname for Mekonen. I just love Ethiopian people and was sooo happy being there. They are some of the warmest, friendliest people I have ever met, and it was so wonderful to see that they loved Jesus. We want so badly to be involved with their church, but all the church services are in Amharic. But we still want to go. It was so fun chatting with the ladies and they were giving us and our friends tips on hair care and gave my friend Corrie a number for a lady who can do their daughter's hair. So fun. Several of the girls were around my age and volunteered to babysit, help with anything cultural, etc. Soooo fun!!!! These are the days I want so badly to live downtown. One of these days we will get there!! So anyway, we had some great times and they have some big plans for adoptive families in the area. Cultural classes for kids and families that include language classes for Amharic, culture, history, dance, food, get togethers, etc. HOW FUN! The pastor of the church is so nice and we also met another man from the church who wants to have us over to hang out with him and his wife! yeah!!! Ethiopian friends!

We were served traditional Ethiopian food which was sooooo good. We haven't had any since Ethiopia and I couldn't wait for it. YUM!!!!! And Mekonen had his first taste of injera (the Ethiopian bread they serve with every meal and is used in place of a fork). So here is his first taste....

Hmmm....not so sure yet.

Just a little bite at first.
Then a squishy mouthfull!Mekonen and his friends! They were all at the same orphanage together in Ethiopia. Such sweetness.
Mekonen, Ashenafi, & Macie
(I love Mekonen is the "chunkiest" of them all. Hilarious)

Jenny & Ash, Me & Mekonen, Corrie & Macie and Caitlin

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