Goodnight MoonPrior to bringing Mekonen home, I had these great visions of us sitting in his rocking chair every night for storytime, and no matter what stories we read, always ending with the traditional favorite Goodnight Moon. So what do I have to say to that plan? YEAH RIGHT!

Mekonen typically wants nothing to do with storytime and as soon as you hit that rocking chair at night, he knows he's supposed to have a bottle. If you even attempt a story he will arch his back and scream. It's actually quite comical.

So I moved storytime to the morning hours. Usually after his bottle we read books. Or should I say, attempt to read books. The teacher in me wants him to love books and being read to, and obviously eventually learn to read and enjoy doing it himself. So far? We have not had much progress.... EXCEPT FOR.....

It's the only book Mekonen will let you read from beginning to end. It's the only book he won't arch his back and scream to, trying desperately to get down. If you start with another book, he gets mad, but if you quickly switch it to Dr. Seuss's ABC's then he instantly stops and just stares at the book. It's so funny because the pictures and colors in this book are not that elaborate, and quite boring compared to all the other fun books we have.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His NameBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?: 40th Anniversary Edition (Brown Bear and Friends)So after about two months of reading only Dr. Seuss's ABC's, I've finally gotten Mekonen to sit and listen to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and a couple books by Sandra Boynton. These books (including the ABC book) all have a rhyme/rhythm to them which is what I think he likes. (Although he doesn't like any other Dr. Seuss books either). If you read a book without a rhythm, he gets mad. It's hilarious. The only way we can read him his Jesus Storybook Bible is while he's drinking his bottle or eating.  So here's our little guy proudly displaying his all-time favorite book. Jon and I laugh about how we already have this book memorized. Jon will say a letter of the alphabet and I can proudly recite the little rhyme from the book that goes with it.


doddyj said...

ha ha! Phil and I have "Goodnight Moon" memorized, and Natalie won't even let us read it to her anymore. She likes to flip through her books by herself, at her own pace (which usually takes about 30 seconds per book), and then move onto the next. If I try to sit and make her read, she gets mad. We try to force her to read a Bible story from her Bible every night, but it's not going over that well. :) All of the dreams you have for your kid....well, they decide if they want them or not and you just have to sit back and laugh at the person God has made them (which isn't you!).

Shonah said...

When I need to read to my other children or want to read to them all I do it while I am giving Esuyawkal his bottle. It is the only time that he not grabbing at the book.

We also a few great devotionals that my children love!! They are called- "5 minute devotions for children" and "More 5 minute devotions for children". We read these before dinner and they have been a huge hit.

Soon you will be able to snuggle in and read a book to Mekonen and it will be a special time for the two of you or the three of you:)