Family Pics!

Our wonderful friend Amanda took family pictures for us back in October and did a great job! She has been following our adoption from the very beginning, donated items to the orphanage when over 70 babies were in care (even before we had our referral), and donated items again when we left for our trip to pick up Mekonen. She is such a sweet person! Thanks Amanda!


Daniel and Danielle said...

i just love your pics!!!

Anonymous said...

She did a great job!

Love, JO

Hannatu said...

Rachel, you have a beautiful family! I've read some of your other posts about learning to live as a bi-racial family. Check out this blog: http://chocolate-vanilla-caramel.blogspot.com/
This young mom was a student of mine way back when. Her husband is black (chocolate), she is white (vanilla), and her kids are caramel. She has a lot of good links for everything from hair care to dealing with mean comments. She writes with humor and understanding and I think you would enjoy having a look at her blog.

Sexual Assault said...

Wow ! what a lovely family pics. I am so happy with all these family pics. Your baby looks so beautiful with cute smile.