Starting Off the Holiday!

To start off our Thanksgiving Holiday trip to Pennsylvania, we stopped at the Witmer's house for a visit. We haven't seen them since we were in Ethiopia together, but frequent blogs, emails, phone calls, and iChat with each other. Our families experienced the stories of our children together, first hand. Incredible. An experience that will never be forgotten and has linked our hearts in a very special way.

Donovan and Julie are such fun friends and we had a great time. The only problem was that our visit was too short! Due to car trouble, we didn't end up arriving until about 11pm. Julie & I were so excited for Mekonen & Sosi to reunite that Julie brought Sosi out of her crib. They were adorable! Their jammies even had matching colors, with froggy feet! It was so cute. At first they sat there, staring at each other and we wondered if they remembered each other (or maybe they were just really tired since their sleep was abruptly interrupted by us!) Then, they were off! Crawling around, babbling, and just being so cute. Then it was time for bed! So we got them all hyper and tried putting them to sleep. Poor little Sosina- she was so excited to see her boyfriend she could not fall back asleep. We stayed up till after 1am talking and laughing and catching up.

Of course we were up early with the kiddos and got them breakfast, which was hilarious. They were babbling away. Look at this cuteness...
We attempted some pictures of their coordinating jammies. Yeah right! They were all over the place. As soon as we set them down, they were off! Look at those smiles!

Sosina is very excited. She's showing off her awesome hair and Mekonen is just hammin' it up. Mekonen is protecting his girl, making sure she doesn't fall backwards off the couch.

Me & Sosina

Julie and the kiddos

I love this picture. Donovan, Sosina, & Mekonen
Again, trying to get a picture of them together. As soon as we sat them down, they launched forward and started to crawl.

Looking out the front window!! A definite favorite for Mekonen! He wanted Sosina to experience his favorite activity too!

Mekonen's face says it all. HAHA.

Apparently, according to Mekonen, something is really, really funny.

We put the kids down for a morning nap and hung out while they slept. Then we packed them up and headed into town for lunch and a walk. It was so fun. A lady at the restaurant thought Sosina & Mekonen were twins. We were thinking, "Nope, not twins. Boyfriend and girlfriend. They are going to get married." Haha. We came back to the house and hung out for a few minutes and then we had to pack up and head on to my parents house. It was sad to say goodbye, and we are already looking forward to our next visit!


Donovan and Julie said...

Mekonen's face in that last pic cracks me up--he's hamming it up like an old man! What a cutie. We miss you guys already--Sosi's going to be so sad to wake up to an empty house tomorrow!


Calmil2 said...

I can't even handle that much cuteness!!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

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