35 Weeks!

Hello 35 weeks!!! 

Last week brought on some new and obvious changes. On the dot, the day I was 34 weeks, I started having low, dull, aching pain in my lower abdomen and into my back. It was constant and lasted for about two hours straight. I had such a hard time sleeping that night because I was so uncomfortable. I woke up the next morning and the achy pain was gone, but a noticeable little sharp pains in my lower abdomen when I walk. Not all the time, but often. I also noticed the so called braxton hicks contractions when your belly all of a sudden tightens up. But I can't really feel it. So all those kinds of pains have been going on this past week.

At my appointment today, I got my 35 week ultrasound! It was so fun to see the baby looking like, well, a baby!! Haha. The last ultrasound we had was 18 weeks and it was kind of "alien" looking (but cute of course...hehe). Now it's that newborn baby look. :)
  • Baby is measuring right on for 35 weeks and doctor said baby is 5 lbs. 14 oz! Whoa! Looks like my hopes of delivering a 6 pound baby are gone with him/her gaining a 1/2 a pound a week! Jon was almost 11 lbs. and I was only 6 lbs. 1 oz.
  • Another fun tidbit: our babe has hair! I didn't know they could tell if they had hair or not from an ultrasound, but there it was! :)
  • Heart rate was 148 this time. 

Here's Baby O's little face with its mouth open. Hehe.

We tried getting the 3D picture of the face but as soon as she switched it, the hands and feet were both covering its face. Ugh! I was so excited to get that 3D picture. We were trying to get him/her to move, and juggling my belly a bit, but it didn't work. Then I started feeling really weird. I had my arms back behind my head so I put them down thinking that was it. But it wasn't getting any better. Then it hit me... I was either going to pass out or throw up. So I said, "I'm feeling really dizzy." She pulled the wand off my stomach and quickly turned me to the side and started pushing the baby down, and blew a fan on me. I guess the baby was laying on that big vein because I was on my back. Then I got an instant mega headache and was nauseous well into the appointment after with my doctor. So hence my sudden wanting to pass out, we couldn't keep trying to get a 3D picture of Baby O. Oh well. The real thing will be here soon enough!


Flinn said...

when that little oren comes outside to meet us, he/she better be prepared for a million kisses from aunt megan.

Amber said...

oh, you are having a girl. I know it sounds crazy that just by looking at someone you can tell. But, if I were a gambler I'd put my money on girl. Hang in there this next month is the toughest bc it gets uncomfortable. But, you are so close to meeting your precious little one. I'm excited for you!!!

Kevin and Heather said...

My money is on a girl as well! We are having a girl, and she did the same thing when trying to get a 4D picture of her face. Instantly put those arms in front of her face and turned away! You're almost there!

Julie said...

Oh, look at you, beautiful lady! Keep growing that baby and hoping you get some rest in between! If Sos was there she'd kiss your belly! XO

The Frederick Nesters said...

I'm gonna take the opposite vote and go boy. Just to be THAT person. NICE BELLY PICS!! ;) We should all be so lucky to have a tiny tummy like you, but I'm sure you do feel huge. It just is SUCH a different feeling from the beginning to the end. Hang in there...the end is definitely near. And watch that vein in the back. I had a similiar feelings with Cale and his heart rate would definitely slow when I was laying directly on my back vs my side. Can't WAIT to hear your names.