Maybe It Should Be A Girl

Mekonen is still battling whatever bug this is, but is doing much better. He is pretty much back to his fun loving self, although still pooping everywhere and not eating much! (I know, too much info! So sorry!)

So today, I tried to regain some of the normalcy of our day with playtime, books, and crafts, instead of kid tv shows.

In doing that, I'm thinking maybe Baby Oren should be a girl! Why you say? Well, I thought it would be great fun to make a Valentine's craft with Mekonen with red, pink, and white paper. He kept saying, "No! Airplane! Airplane Mommy!" So I had to redeem my son's boyness by making him an airplane to color. (Although he did like tearing the paper for the heart and loves putting glue on anything).

So instead of trying to make Mekonen have a love of crafts (which honestly, he does love to do. He just wants them to include cars, airplanes, and trains, not girly Valentine's day things), maybe we need a girl to do those! Haha.

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Flinn said...

mekonen didn't complete his sentence. He didnt want to MAKE an airplane out of paper, he wanted to GET on an airplane and see Aunt Megan. LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD MORE!!!! Love you guys!!!