The Many Names of Mekonen

From the time Mekonen could talk I couldn't wait until I heard him say his own name. I was very curious how he would attempt to pronounce it. So, we were greatly surprised when we said to Mekonen, "What's your name?" And seriously and sweetly he replied, "Bobby." Bobby? What? We don't know anyone named Bobby and Mekonen doesn't watch anything that has a person or character named Bobby.

At first we thought maybe he was saying "Baby" because Jon will often call him "Baby Mekonen" as did several of his cousins when he came home. But when he is actually referring to a baby it is very clearly BABY and sounds nothing like Bobby. At first, we just laughed and assumed it was his strange way of saying Mekonen (like how he says, Boppy for Grandpa, again, very different sounding than Bobby).

Like many people do with kids this age they ask them, "What is your name?" Even strangers in the store and waiters and waitresses in a restaurant will ask. Without fail, my son always replies with great confidence and enthusiasm, "Bobby!" Many of them look at me slightly confused and I politely say, "No, his name is Mekonen."

First, Mekonen started referring to himself in pictures. He would point to and say our names, "Mommy, Daddy" and then point to himself and yell, "Bobby!"

Second, Mekonen started referring to his things as "Monen's." "Yes!!!" we thought. He finally figured out his name is Mekonen (and it's the cutest to hear him say). He will refer to his things as, "Monen's shoes." "Monen's juice." "Monen's car." etc. But if you say, "What's your name?" He still replies, "Bobby."

Third, Mekonen stopped saying "Monen" and has replaced the M sound for a B. He now refers to himself as "Bonen."

Fourth, Mekonen started referring to himself in pictures as Bonen. Again we thought, "This is it! He finally got it." He will point and say, "Mommy! Daddy! Bonen!" Then someone says, "What's your name?" and again, "Bobby!!!"

Fifth, as of Tuesday, Mekonen has started adding the M sound to the beginning of Bonen. It is hilarious. He is starting to say "Muh-Bonen." Too funny.

But according to him? His name is still..... Bobby.


Julie said...

love it. it makes me sad to see some of the baby talk disappearing. You have to get it on video before it's Mebonen is gone!

Katie & Tim said...

possible name for baby Oren perhaps?? :)