34 Weeks!

First, a little Happy Valentines Day from my sweet boy! (He made his own Valentines this year of course. hehe). 

And the countdown continues...
 34 weeks today!
The last week has been filled with many birth/labor books and lots of sweet and funny conversations between Jon and I. He has been so excited these past few weeks. I think it's really hit him recently that I am having a baby! I mean, yes, he knew that, but maybe it's because my stomach is becoming more and more noticeably large! He bought himself a book on pregnancy and delivery for dads, and nope, I didn't even ask him to do it. He's so cute. I'll go upstairs to get ready for bed and he's sitting up there, reading his book, and has a list of questions for me. I also can't say enough about how helpful Jon has been the last several weeks as I am exhausted beyond anything I've ever felt before, and some tasks are just getting harder to do. He has been making my life quite easy these days. What a good guy! 

As is normal, I am assuming, I am getting anxious/scared of delivery day (and yes, overly excited). This morning I was telling him this and he said, "I am getting so pumped! It's amazing. Can't wait to see this boy or girl. Don't worry. We will do this together." 

At my doctor appointment last week, she confirmed that the baby has definitely dropped. The words she used were, "locked into head down." That was a relief to hear because for awhile I was having such sharp pain in my lower stomach I thought it was the baby's feet. She said it would be very rare for the baby to turn around now considering its current position. Phew! I know anything can happen I'm sure, but glad to know he/she is in the right position at this point! 

I've been increasingly uncomfortable this past week. The majority of the times I sit down, I have a good amount of pain in my ribs. The most comfortable position is laying stretched out on my side, or my back (but not that way for long), or sitting with my back ridiculously arched (to take the pressure off my ribs). I thought once baby dropped I'd get some relief in that department. But my doctor said due to my size, that might not be the case. Oh my. 

Baby's heart rate was 147 (same exact as the last time) and I have officially gained 20 lbs this pregnancy as of that appointment. Yikes! :) 

We continue to hunt for the perfect boy name. Nothing yet. As soon as we have a boys name nailed down, I will really feel ready. :) 

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