Prince? or Princess?

Okay friends/readers/fellow bloggers.... time to vote on Baby Oren's sex!! Usually once someone has recognized that I am pregnant, or hasn’t seen me in awhile, they almost always say, “Do you know what you’re having?” When I respond with, “No, we’re waiting until delivery to find out,” I am almost guaranteed for what comes next. A whole host of questions in the realm of heart rate, cravings, how I’m carrying, etc., in hopes that they can predict what gender our baby is. So here is where Baby Oren stands among the gender myths! You decide! :)
  • If the baby’s heart rate is high= GIRL
  • If the baby’s heart rate is low= BOY

Baby O. has been all over the map! 115 was the very first heart rate at 6 weeks. After that we've had a range from high 130's to mid 160's! Hmm... looks like he/she is covering the entire boy/girl heart rate range. 

  • Preggo weight in the hips= GIRL
  • Preggo weight in the belly= BOY
I'm not exactly sure where my weight has gone. So I guess you can decide this one!

  • Less leg hair and less frequent shaving= GIRL
  • More leg hair and more frequent shaving= BOY
I would say my leg hair has definitely been growing more slowly. Don't need to shave as often!

  • Sweet cravings, fruit, and juice = GIRL
  • Salty cravings, meat, and dairy= BOY
This one is both I think. Non-pregnant, I'm not much of a sweets craver, except for wanting my one soda a day and maybe a piece of chocolate. But I almost always prefer "real food" over dessert, and in the beginning of the pregnancy (1st and most of 2nd trimester) that was the same. However, the last couple months, I have been obsessed with orange juice, pineapple, and juice. I could drink an entire jug of juice a day, easily. Jon came home after work once, held up the empty juice container (we had just opened) and said, "Thirsty today?" Haha. 

  • Bad morning sickness= GIRL
  • Slight morning sickness= BOY
Most people know where I've been on this one! I had pretty constant "nausea" feelings through 14 weeks (but not as bad as some people I know). It was worse at night. If I threw up it was at night, although that didn't happen too often during those first weeks. Then I hit 3rd trimester, on the dot, and the nighttimes were rough. Threw up more 3rd trimester than 1st!

  • If you carry high= GIRL
  • If you carry low= BOY
I've carried high most of the pregnancy (according to others I guess!) Although I officially dropped last week. 

  • If your baby is not super active in utero= GIRL
  • If your baby is hyper crazy in utero= BOY
Hmmm... I would say this is one active babe. But usually the non-stop action comes at night. He/she is relatively calm during the day. 

  • If you ate a diet rich in dairy, nuts, beans, soy, and green leafy stuff when you conceived= GIRL
  • If you ate a diet rich in red meat, potatoes, salty foods and fizzy drinks when you conceived= BOY
We are quite into the palio type of eating (no/very few carbs and grains, lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat. This is how we were eating when I got pregnant. But of course, had to have my one fizzy drink a day!  I haven't been able to keep to it as much because my body was needing more carbs and grains once I got pregnant.
  • If your belly looks like a watermelon= GIRL
    If your belly looks like a basketball= BOY
Hmm... you be the judge. I don't know what it looks like!

And probably my favorite answer to the gender question came from Jon who said, “I heard this crazy myth from those people at the hospital with the black and white television. They said that if you see a wiener on the screen, it’s a boy. i can’t believe people are so fooled by these myths.”

So after reading, scroll back to the top of the post and vote! Winners will be announced on or around March 28, 2011!

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Julie said...

I'm with Jon--trust the black and white wiener.