Sickness! Leave Our House!!!

Wow. Our little family has taken quite the hit the last few weeks. First with me being really sick and Mekonen having a bad cold/cough. I thought we were just getting into the clear, until Mekonen started throwing up yesterday morning. He's never thrown up before. Poor little guy was so confused. He hasn't eaten since Tuesday and now has super bad diarrhea again. We are really, really praying we don't get a repeat hospital visit for dehydration like happened in the fall. I was up half the night worrying about him. We are hoping this is just a virus and not part of what we are trying to figure out about his fall sickness. Oh my.

Then, we got hit with a huge ice/snow storm here in Indy this week. Jon was braving the elements to get Mekonen Pedialyte (our current lifesaver) and fell on the inch thick ice on our steps and wacked the back of his head really good. So he's been dealing with a bad headache. Praise the Lord Jon hasn't caught any of our sicknesses and hoping it stays that way. It was so nice to have Daddy home for two days due to the weather though! But truth be told, I think I'm close to going out of my mind! I have been stuck inside since Sunday morning after church. Only one car is useable, which Jon has at work today. Our other car is iced over. I'm not even joking. It really is. (Meko is sick anyway, so I can't really venture out), plus Jon is concerned about me even walking outside. From what we hear, all the salt is out at the stores too. Yikes!

So to try and regain some sanity, I took a shower, put on make-up, and real clothes today (not pajama pants). But I'm still not feeling it. Whoa cabin fever. I have no motivation to do anything, but really need to muster up some motivation to get the house organized. I snuggled with Mekonen for 3 1/2 hours on the couch last night and will be snuggling again today! He gets a huge treat... watching Thomas the Tank Engine, equipped with his sippy of Pedialyte, a bowl of crackers, and a cheese stick in case he wants to eat. But he sweetly and politely says, "no" and shakes his little head. Poor baby.


Julie said...

Ugggggh--I abhor winter for this very reason--sickness, cabin fever...the list goes on. I'm sorry you guys have had a rough week. Here's to hoping for a sunny, warm March!

We got "stuck" in FL due to this ice storm--not such a bad place to get stuck, but I'm dreading going home to the ice tomorrow...we'll have a ton of clean up to do.

If the old Bachelor seasons were on DVD I would send them to you! Feel better soon. ;-(

Jackie said...

Tell me it's not so! Enough, Enough, Enough already! I want to go back to being Sneaky Blog Reader, but can't stand that your precious little family is having such a tough time and I feel compelled to voice tons of sympathy. Cyber hugs from FL.

Emily B. said...

Oh no! Poor Meko! Poor Mommy! Feel better, guys. Thinking of you (and LOVING our AZ winters!)