1st Homestudy Visit

We had our first homestudy visit this past Tuesday! We met with our social worker Heather and she is really sweet! We had been communicating over email for a couple weeks before our meeting, so it was nice to put a name with a face. We have most of our documents for the homestudy completed/already sent out, so the meeting wasn't very long. The agency was really neat. The entire place was covered with pictures of children who have been adopted through them. It was really cool to see all the families that have been created by adoption! We even found the daughter of some friends of ours on the wall! Heather asked us about our reasons for adoption and we were able to share a little bit of our testimony and how after what we know about the heart of God and what we understand about the Bible, how could we not consider adoption? Then she asked really general questions about our request for a baby, like gender, age, etc. We have requested a healthy, infant boy, as young as possible. We have two more meetings next week, one at the agency and the other one at our house! Hopefully by the 4th one, all of our documents will be done and in place!

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