Prayers For Our Son

Dear Heavenly Father,
Wow...this whole process has gripped our hearts in a way we cannot describe. We love this little baby, who probably isn’t even born yet, so incredibly much! This baby, this little boy, across the world, probably in his birth mother’s belly, is ours. He will be ours and we already love him more than life. Please protect him Father. Be with his birth mother and father. Please provide for them physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Please give his birth mother good health and nutrition while carrying this precious life, so that he may born vibrant and healthy. Please also provide care for her during and after the pregnancy. Encourage her spirit, and please send someone to share Jesus with her. Our hearts are heavy over the circumstances that will ultimately end with his adoption. Although we are incredibly thankful, excited, and blessed to call him our own, we grieve for the loss of his birth family and we grieve for the heart of his birth mother. Protect them Lord. Be gracious to them, bless them for the gift of life they are bringing into the world.

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