Q&A 2- Where is He From?

"When we adopt our baby boy as an American family, he is both Ethiopian and American. It's a cool thing for us to learn more about where he came from- what the land looks like there, what people eat, how they dress, and what their holidays and traditions are. It will teach us more about our world and is a good way to show our son that we are interested in where he comes from. When he gets a little older we will show him on the globe where his birth country is (and maybe one day get to take him there), we can read books and stories about his birth country, and teach him interesting facts and information about his country. We are very proud of where our boy is from and want him to be proud of it too! It's also important for us to remember that he is an American just like you and me. He's not alone in having coming from another country- all Americans arrived at some point from another country-our grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. When our families got here, they made America their country, and when we adopt our son he will also become an American. He might even feel more American than Ethiopian which is why we want to be diligent in teaching him about his heritage and teaching him to be proud of it! It's a very important part of who we each are! But the most important thing to remember is where he will be when he's with us. After all, it isn't where we were born that makes us who we are; it's where we live, with the people who love us and care for us"


Leanne Owens said...

I love this post! How exciting and wonderful to bring a baby from another country into your home! I love that you're excited about teaching him about it! He will truly be a blessed little boy! :-)

PB & J said...

Hey guys. We are so excited for you. We can't wait to hear how things are progressing with the adoption. Julie and I think you guys are awesome and know you will make great parents!

Tammy Scarfo said...

Hi Rachael and Jon. I am so excited for you as you start on this journey! I am looking forward to hearing how the Lord works over the next several months. I will be praying alongside you as you wait for your precious baby boy!

ashley wittmer photography said...

we're praying too, guys!

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys!! Super exciting!! :) 4 weeks and one day?! WOW!
Sarah E.

Anonymous said...

Is 4 weeks how long you've been in the process or how much longer until the baby is here?

Lory Howlett said...

Hi Rachael,
Your blog is beautiful! One of the moms from our agency (IAN) is starting an adopt & shop online store--that's where Amelia's wonderful onesie came from. Leah's (the mom's) blog is www.adopthope.blogspot.com. I emailed Leah to see when she'll be up and running. While we wait to hear back from Leah, happy waiting for Oren!
In Christ,
Lory H.

Leah Reeves said...


Love the blog.
I see you left a comment on the Howletts 5 blog about their baby girl's "Just arrrived from Ethiopia" T-shirt. That is one of my T-shirts from my soon to be Adopt and Shop wedsite. Please visit by blog and I will let everyone know when I am open for business. A % of all sale will go to our agencies Charty to help orphanes in Ethiopia.

Thanks, and I will keep checking in about your adoption!


Jen said...

Yes, one of the blogs is "Meant to Be" which is linked on my blog. The other ones, specifically Ethiopia, can be found through the "A long way from the Theta House" (which btw is hilarious and a life of a mother living in the hood here in Dallas), but on her blog there are two listed..."Eyes on Ethiopia" and "Soli Dio Gloria"