2nd Homestudy Visit

Wow! It's been quite a busy week and it's only Wednesday! Yesterday we had our 2nd homestudy visit and the third one is tomorrow! We met at the office again yesterday and it went well. Pretty much just talked about our family history and growing up and how we met. I spent awhile this afternoon cleaning our house and making sure it was all in place for our home visit tomorrow. Our caseworker will come to our house and make sure it's "suitable for a child," and our meeting will be about our marriage! If you think of it, please pray for us! We have a lot going on and are so tired! We're waiting for our dossier packet to get here from our agency so we can start cranking out more paperwork. I'm officially stalking the mailbox! I can't wait to have this baby home! It seems so far away, but so close in other ways. He's often in my dreams and I can't wait to actually be able to walk across the hallway and get him out of his crib and snuggle him!

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Robert Rhamy said...

We live in Westfield, Indiana and it has been on our hearts to start looking into adoption. We currently have two children, and we attend church at Harvest Bible Chapel in Fishers. This whole possibility brings about so many emotions, so after reading through your blog and realizing that you probably live 15 minutes from me, I thought, I should just send her an email!
God has lead my heart to the children of Ethiopia, and as we consider whether adoption and or Ethiopia is the right path for us, I would just love to talk to a couple who has been through the process.
I hope that this request for contact doesn't 'creep you out' too much. I just feel that I need to take the next step on this journey, and this seemed like it could be it!
My email is meganrhamy@yahoo.com. Please feel free to follow-up with me if you feel comfortable doing so.
Thank you so much, in advance, for your time.
Megan Rhamy