Talking and Dreaming Over a Stack of Papers!

We are well on our way to finishing the dossier! We move quick! We spent HOURS today organizing paperwork and getting things ready to be sent. I go through paperwork like a crazy person! It's the strangest and coolest feeling knowing this last major step is upon us, before the long waiting period! At least now I feel like we're "doing something," whereas in a short time, we'll feel like we're "doing nothing." Jon and I had such a sweet time together tonight. I imagine parents who are experiencing the arrival of a biological child, talk and dream over a pregnant belly, but we talked and dreamed tonight over a stack of papers! We talked about what kind of person we pray our son becomes... a strong man, a courageous man, a protector. We laughed and talked about the dreams and goals we have as a family. We talked about the values we want to instill in our son and our other future children, how we want to teach them to love Jesus, and how we want to raise them to be confident in exactly how God has crafted them. We know the road of parenthood is not easy, is unpredictable, and has lots of ups and downs. But we are so ready to embark on this journey with Jesus Christ as our guide. (Plus all those friends of ours who are raising toddlers and pre-teens that we tell we will be calling to find out what the heck we're supposed to be doing). We also listened to a very inspiring, yet challening message by Mark Driscoll on Educating Children from his Proverbs series. We highly recommend! It has GREAT insights!

You can pray with us for all this paperwork! Our homestudy will not be completed till my last physical exam is done, which isn't until October 27th (our doctor is away this week). So praise God we can start on the dossier in the meantime. (The homestudy is the largest part of the dossier). Pray that all the paperwork comes back written and notarized correctly and that there are no hang-ups in the offices. Thanks again friends, for your support!

On a completely random note: Does anyone know how to get or create stick figure clip-art that can be used on a t-shirt?

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Jim said...

re: the stick figure clip art...
How about drawing some variations until you get what you want - color, image, line weight, etc. Create it and scan it in. Then you can manipulate it in Photoshop or Photofiltre before printing it out on one of the ink-jet T-shirt transfer product by Avery or similar company. You can get them for use on cloth that provides either a light or dark background. They work pretty well.